The voters have awakened to the danger some of them voted into office in 2016. This was shown Tuesday night with the Roy Moore loss in the heavily red state of Alabama. As much as Donald Trump wants to pretend that he expected Moore to lose, the fact remains that the Alabama voters sent a clear message on Tuesday night.

The message is that American voters reject Trumpism politics and will not allow party loyalty to put into office an unfit candidate just to shore up the political votes. Roy Moore exemplifies the worst of the Trump politics. An accused pedophile has no place on the national stage. An individual that does not believe in equality for all Americans, regardless of skin color or nationality also does not have a place in Congress. The voters spoke loud and clear, Trumpism is now on the way out.

Now, the country sits on the vanguard of expelling the Trump Administration that took over the country in late 2016. How much change is in store is still up for debate. There are many pieces in play.

The first clear piece is the repudiation of Steve Bannon’s politics of hate. This is the second loss for Steve Bannon and the most painful for him. Bannon has tried to take over the Republican Party. Moore’s loss showed that Bannon is far from being able to take over the Republican Party by launching and sustaining hatemongering Republicans into office. It’s just a matter of time before Steve Bannon crawls back into the dark hole he emerged from.

The second issue at play now is how the weary Republicans will respond. The Roy Moore race clearly demonstrated the great divide between the Republican banner-holder, Donald Trump and the party loyalists. Those Republicans who are uncomfortable with Trump’s politics of hate may feel more open to stand against him. Trump has been unable to enact substantial legislation, even with the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress.

Even though Moore’s loss only cost the Republicans one vote, their majority at the Senate has become smaller. The Republicans now only have one seat for the majority. Except for the Tax Reform package currently being reconciled, Trump’s legislative agenda has been hampered by two-to-three Republicans. The Moore loss, may empower more Republicans to stymie Trump’s agenda.

Although the Republicans are earnestly attempting to pass the Tax Reform package before Christmas and avoid a budget crisis, the Moore loss may make it more difficult. Unless, the Tax Reform package is adopted before Christmas, it is likely it will fail next year as the party dynamics galvanize themselves.

As for the future of the Trump agenda, the voters are clear that they are beginning to repudiate the divisiveness politics of hate that Trump represents. The 2018 mid-term elections will prove this conclusively if the voters’ turnout Trump’s surrogates running for office.

How the next months playout will depend on how Steve Bannon reacts to his latest stinging loss. If Bannon continues his attempts to take over the Republican Party, he will further erode the Trump agenda. However, if he slinks away back into oblivion, then it is possible that the Republicans will fare better in the upcoming elections.

I’m hoping that Bannon intensifies the Republican civil war as that will end any possibility of the Wall being built along the U.S.-México border. So, here’s hoping Steve Bannon continues his crusade.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

2 replies on “Alabama Shows American Voters Have Awaken”

  1. Nope 1.5% vote difference is not an awaking or not even a landslide movement nor can it be claimed remotely as a mandate from the voters! The Democrats won by the skin of their teeth where if it was an awaking as you claim Martin they should have easily won by 5 to 10 percent more votes taking in how bad Moore was claimed to be!
    Martin if you are going to write propaganda at least make reasonable believable!.

  2. Some choice – a bible-thumping perv versus a liberal Dem. I would have stayed home which is what I will do if Norma Chavez is on the local ticket versus the Usual Suspects’ candidate.

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