As Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to hover as the worst of any president, the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, are blaming the “deplorables,” Russia and middle America for the disastrous eight months of the Trump regime. Absent is an honest discussion about the part that the Democrats played in putting Donald Trump into the White House. The Republicans are also to blame and they have their party politics to blame for the infighting going on among themselves today. But without the idiocy of the Democratic Party putting the notion forth that they wanted to be the party of the first female U.S. president, or the mentality of corruption by giving Hillary Clinton “her turn” to run for office, the country would not have lost its prestige on the world stage.

The Democrats have more blame for Donald Trump then the Republicans.

This is because the Democrats allowed Hillary Clinton to run for office under their banner. There are too many years of corruption related questions, on many levels, to have given Hillary Clinton the opportunity to represent the country. But the Democrats put party politics over the health of the country and thus we must deal with Trump today.

Hillary Clinton is now on the bully pulpit blaming the Russians and, to a lesser extent, her campaign strategy for her loss. But the reason that Donald Trump is president today is because Hillary Clinton should never have been on the ticket.

Clinton argues that the Russians caused her the election. It is likely that the Russians influenced the election, but ultimately it is Clinton’s perceived corruption that ultimately turned voters away. It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton is blaming the Russians, as she has no one else to blame, but herself.

But the Democrats continue to allow Hillary Clinton, not only the bully pulpit under their banner, but also continue to encourage her to place blame on the wrong things. The latest being Harvey Weinstein’s many years of sexually harassing women. It is true that Donald Trump has publicly admitted to harassing women, but the fact remains that Trump does not compare to, nor should he be compared to Weinstein, as their sexual predatory shenanigans involve different sets of women and different sets of circumstances.

Yes, both have admitted to sexually harassing women, but a woman – Hillary Clinton – who is married to a sexual harasser – Bill Clinton – shouldn’t be commenting about men harassing women. Hillary Clinton lost the right to comment about abusive men when she remained married to Bill.

It’s a kettle meets kettle moment when Clinton argues about the reprehensible attitude of sexually harassing women.

But the fact that Hillary Clinton is now equating Trump to Weinstein proves two things. The first is that Hillary Clinton is not willing to honestly accept her public persona problem with the voters, but more importantly, the Democrats are unwilling to accept the part they played in foisting Donald Trump upon America.

Until they do so, they have no right to ask voters to support them.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...