Make America Great Again was Donald Trump’s battle cry for the presidency. Obviously, the phrase is supposed to denote prestige in both the country and in the presidency. Almost everyone is aware that one of Trump’s cabinet appointees referred to Donald Trump as a f#*! moron. Rex Tillerson refused to acknowledge or deny whether he used “moron” when referring to Trump, so we assume that he did so. So, let’s look at what it means to “make America great again” under Trump, almost ten months into Trump’s presidency. Here are ten examples of White House officials treating Trump as a child

The one phrase that has come to describe Trump is “toddler”. Let that sink in for a moment. The President of the United States is being referred to as a “toddler” in the national dialog. It is not one but several instances of several people making this observation.

On August 21, 2017, Washington Post “PostEverything” commentator, Daniel W. Dezner, a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University started curating a list of White House aides who have referred to Trump as a child. Dezner, who’s list can be viewed at Twitter under his handle, @danrezner has continued to update the list.

Keep this in mind, Dezner’s list “must be sourced” to an ally of Trump, which removes the partisan politics out of the equation. These are people who support Trump and yet refer to him as a child – a toddler in fact.

As of yesterday, the list contains 115 examples, since April 25, 2017, that have referred to Trump as a toddler.

1. White House aides have figured out that it’s best not to present Trump with too many competing options when it comes to matters of policy or strategy. (Politico, April 27, 2017)

2. Former White House Chief of Staff for Trump, Reince Priebus reportedly managed Trump’s time “like a Montessori teacher, modulates structured work time with the slack periods Mr. Trump craves.” (The New York Times, May 5, 2017)

3. “Aides often leak stories about the difficulty of managing Trump – as if they were his babysitters,” according to Axios. (May 7, 2017) Among the babysitting tasks, was to limit Trump’s TV, provide “show and tell” sessions, including props, when trying to explain things to Trump and “no friends until work is done.”

Think about that one for another moment, this is the president of the United States who is being handled like a toddler by his own aides.

4. A person characterized as “close to the White House” was quoted as stating that Donald Trump “goes through moods where sometimes he wants to blow everything up.” (The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2017)

He holds the codes to the nuclear bombs…

5. Donald Trump’s own lawyers are also quoted as treating him like a child. The lawyers “hope to keep him busy Thursday with other events meant to compete for his – and the news media’s – attention” to avoid any complications in the Russia investigation. (The Washington Post, June 6, 2017)

6. Many have described Trump as having a short, very short attention span. When meeting with Putin recently, White House staffers prepared “a list of tweet-length sentences that summarize the main points” for the meeting. (The Los Angeles Times, July 4, 2017)

7. Although Hillary Clinton lost the election, Donald Trump remains obsessed with her. So much so that White House staffers use attacks on Clinton to “satisfy Trump”. The staffer was quoted, “The Clinton stuff is purely done to appease Trump. It’s the equivalent of giving a sick, screaming baby whiskey instead of taking them to the doctor and actually solving the problem.” (Yahoo News, July 12, 2017)

8. A White House official is described as stating that Trump “had a bit of a meltdown when” getting out of the Iran nuclear deal “wasn’t one of the choices” presented to him before re-certifying the deal to Congress earlier this year. (The New York Times, July 27, 2017)

9. Although White House officials have repeatedly tried, and failed, to keep Trump from making undiplomatic statements about other world officials, Trump continues to deride others like a child. After Trump started referring to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” and Kim responded by referring to Trump as a “dotard,” Trump decided to respond, “So I said, all right, so now I’ll call him Little Rocket Man,” at the UN assembly. (Business Insider, September 28, 2017)

10. And, Senator Bob Corker posted on his official Twitter handle, “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center.” (Twitter: @SenBobCorker, October 8, 2017)

As Donald Trump has embraced Twitter as his official means of communicating with the American people, it is only fitting that we close this list of the times Donald Trump has been called a toddler with one of his own tweets, “All I want to do is #MAGA!” (MAGA means Make America Great Again in Twitter hashtag slang, August 30, 2017 at 09:27am)

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  1. If he just builds the wall and deports the illegals he will have accomplished much. It is too much to ask for any president to get us the f*ck out of the foreign wars we are entangled with.

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