Hold the Presses! Alert Everyone! The El Paso News is no more! No, not really, so those of you celebrating can put away your champagne glasses for now. Some of you, unfortunately, have been the victims of some Russian hacking of my blog. Yup, the Russians! It has been an ongoing battle for ten days now and the Russian hackers have made my life very miserable. To resolve the issue, I was forced to change blog hosts. Also, for some time now I have been thinking about the next evolution of my blog and thus the two things collided today. Those of you that have followed me over the years have seen my blog evolve along with the times. Because I was already forced to make significant changes to my blog, I decided it was time to evolve it to the next iteration.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to EPN.

Starting tomorrow morning, the El Paso News blog will become Instead of seeing this page when you go to, you will automatically be taken to

Don’t worry, your comments and the many years of the El Paso News Blog are still here. And, I will continue to post daily commentary about the same issues I have written about over the years. But, I’m going to further expand my reach by writing commentary on national issues about border politics and immigration. You’ve seen some of that over the last few months.

As many of you know, I am an immigrant from México and thus, I believe I have a different perspective about the raging national dialog about U.S.-México issues, border dynamics and immigration. I believe that the immigrant and Mexican voices are drowned out by a national agenda intent on demonizing Mexicans and immigrants for political agendas. As a result, I’d like to offer another voice to the dialog.

El Paso Is Still a Very Much Part of It

Many of you have been with me from the genesis of my blog. It is because of the rampant corruption in El Paso that I first started blogging about El Paso issues. But in time I came to realize that El Paso is a microcosm to a much larger problem. The issue of Duranguito is a prime example of this.

Duranguito represents that ongoing issues of cultural wars, border politics, economic disparity and even immigration. El Paso is at the epicenter of the U.S.-México relationship and NAFTA. As the politics of NAFTA play out in Washington, El Paso will be the recipient of the consequences. Even the debate over healthcare has consequences for El Paso. The County’s medical initiatives are fully dependent on federal monies, which is part of the national debate.

Even if none of that is enough, consider the two local candidates running for national office, Beto O’Rourke and Veronica Escobar. Both candidates were instrumental in the cultural alienation at the city and I believe both candidates use the plight of immigrants for their political careers. I’ll be exploring that in upcoming issues, although you’ve already seen a little about that in yesterday’s post.

But the war on culture and on immigrants is being driven by a minority with megaphones purchased by an elitist group of individuals that fear cultural diversification for the country. For too long, their voices have been allowed to create a false narrative about México and immigrants.

As an immigrant from México, I feel I’m well suited to offer another voice to the national debate. A voice from an immigrant who not only pays taxes, keeps U.S. citizens employed and contributes to my community in many ways.

This need has led me to the next incarnation of my blog – EPN.

Because of the brand I have created over the years, El Paso News Blog, I did not want to stray too far away from it, but I also needed to drop the “El Paso” part to reach a national audience. At least that’s what the public relations gurus tell me and who am I to argue.

Therefore, and because I already owned “,” I’m rebranding my blog as EPN. (I had to get a little creative here, so don’t laugh) “E” stands for economic issues, such as jobs and global trade. “P” stands for politics because ultimately it comes down to politics. And, “N” stands for news because the news media is in turmoil and it is what provides the megaphones to the people trying to rid the country of immigrants.

As of today, the new incarnation of my blog can be reached directly by using the URL:

For those of you still stuck on .com, you will able to use if you prefer.

What’s Going to Happen to

Starting tomorrow, September 29, 2017, the URL will start taking you to automatically.

However, I encourage you to start using today.

I am also accepting bids for the domain name today. Opening bid is $5,000USD.

I will accept bids through October 14, 2017 for the domain name. At that point, I will contact the individual or the entity that has offered me the best bid for the domain name. It is a blind bidding process so, please don’t ask me where the bid stands. Submit your bid, and I’ll let you know if you are the top bidder or not. If you are interested in submitting a bid, please contact me via the online form.

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I’ve activated some new features and I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. Now you can show your appreciation for any comment you like, by clicking “like” on it. You can choose to like each post as before and I’ve added a “print” button to each article. Additionally, you can quickly share my posts on your social media channels.

As always, I look forward to your insightful comments and I hope you choose to continue with me down this new version of my commentary.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...