You all know that the El Paso Chamber of Commerce has come out fully on the side of the destruction of a neighborhood to benefit their membership. This is the chamber’s modus operandi. Remember, they championed Bob Jones as the savior of El Paso up until the moment that Jones’ corruption could no longer be contained. So it should be of no surprise that the chamber has no problem with playing a part in the eradication of anything too Mexican in El Paso.

Some of you have expressed surprise that Veronica Escobar isn’t front-and-center defending the Duranguito people from the big-bad corporates types trying to steal the heritage of El Paso. That is how effective Escobar has been about creating the illusion that she represents the gente of El Paso. El Paso’s public policy agenda has been in the works since Ray Caballero in 2000. Many of you still do not believe this.

I get it, Ray Caballero is no longer in El Paso. The problem is many of you assume that that he is the architect of the public policy agenda that is intent on creating a façade of a successful El Paso on the backs of the taxpayers of the community. As the Glass Beach study clearly pointed out, making El Paso successful means erasing anything and everything that is Mexican, unless it is pseudo-Mexican food. Everyone, after all, including Donald Trump likes taco bowls. The real architects behind the eradication of the Mexican culture from El Paso are those that depend on Hispanics, yes, El Paso is 80% Hispanic, to fund their little money-making playgrounds, like the ballpark and the proposed arena.

Many erroneously assume that what I mean by Mexican is Hispanic, but the two are unrelated. Being Hispanic is not the same as the Mexican culture. They are two different things. Escobar is Hispanic and she whole-heartily believes in the Glass Beach study that says that the only successful female Hispanic is modeled after Penelope Cruz. The only successful El Paso males are the Mathew McConaughey look-alikes. Yes, the Glass Beach study was clear about this.

This reality is best demonstrated by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. As an Hispanic chamber and the fact that El Paso straddles the US-México border, the Hispanic chamber is stuck between ensuring that the real businesses that are the basis of the El Paso economy and that fund its operations are not threatened by the small minority of Hispanics with Mexican roots who are cognizant of what’s going on in El Paso.

Those of you following the ongoing destruction of the Duranguito community might have noticed that the Hispanic Chamber has said little, or anything about the issue. During a recent city council meeting, representatives from the Hispanic chamber hid behind the rhetoric that the issue is a complex one and that its membership was still mulling it over. A survey was being conducted.

It has been at least several weeks, but the survey’s results have yet to be made public.

This is standard operating procedure for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. They pretend to advocate for the small businesses scratching out a living in El Paso, and some of its employees do believe this, but the reality is that others, behind the scenes are driving the real agenda.

That is why the future of Duranguito has already been decided. It is also why the Hispanic Chamber will mull this issue over until it is too late to matter.

It proof that the El Paso public debate about El Paso issues is nothing more than smoke-and-mirrors with a few mea culpas thrown in, while, you the taxpayer have little to no say over it.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. four hotels downtown ? that’s the urgency to have. an arena downtown. the hotel developers are sweating a loss !

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