I keep asking myself this question – is this really the best that the citizens of the United States have to offer in presidential candidates? I’m writing about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. How sad is it that the GOP is looking to overturn its nomination rules just to keep Trump from being the nominee, and the Democrats are still wrestling with whether Bernie Sanders is truly finished, or not?

Let’s look at the top two contenders:

Hillary Clinton, can be summed up in one word – dishonest. There is much political mud-slinging coming from GOP party operatives, and Donald Trump himself. Each shot at Hillary Clinton gets more outrageous the closer we get to election night. Much of it is distorted, an outright fabrication or just simply the truth.

It is the truth that should worry all voters. Hillary Clinton is fundamentally dishonest. There is enough information out from which to make that determination. Starting from the numerous reports about the Clinton’s taking furniture from the White House to the use of a personal email system and not to mention the questions about where the Clinton’s funding comes from.

There are just too many stories that show a dishonesty inherent within Hillary Clinton. For that reason, any vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a dishonest person. Do US citizens really want an unethical and dishonest person at the White House come November 2016?

Of course, the one that takes the cake is Donald Trump.

Much of Donald Trump’s, magnet, to those that support him, is that Trump is not a “politician.” The argument being that he is an outsider shaking up the establishment.

Let’s put aside, for a moment, my animosity towards Donald Trump because of his comments about Mexicans. Let’s look at his credentials.

First, does he represent the values of the GOP? Emphatically no. Not only was Donald Trump very chummy with the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, when it made financial sense to him, but conservative values are something that Trump had seldom expressed prior to running for office. More importantly is the notion of his business experience. Donald Trump has told everyone that his numerous bankruptcies were just “gaming” the bureaucracy like “everyone” else. Is this really what Donald Trump supporters want, a commander-and-chief who looks to “game” the system, or a leader who takes responsibility for his own actions?

Look closely at all of the controversies surrounding Donald Trump. Has Trump, just once, taken responsibility? No, in actuality, Donald Trump blames everyone but himself for his failures. For example, “it’s the judge” that has it in for him, not the facts of the case. It’s the Muslims that threaten the US, not the English undocumented immigrant that wants to kill him. See the pattern, it’s everyone but Donald Trump who is at fault.

As for Bernie Sanders, I really know very little about his campaign in general because the truth is that as a business owner I am a capitalist. As a capitalist there is no scenario under which I would support a candidate that advocates higher taxes. I pay enough taxes already. I pay more in taxes, as a percentage of my income, than most taxpayers because I am a business owner. As a business owner, I pay a self-employment tax of 15.3% because I have to pay for both portions of the social security and Medicare taxes; my personal part and the part that companies normally pay for their employees.

So no thank you, anyone advocating higher taxes, especially business related ones, do not get a second look from me. ObamaCare is the prime example of taxing responsible people to help the irresponsible out.

That leaves us with Gary Johnson. That’s really all I can write about Johnson, because absent a miracle, a third-party candidate will not be a contender for the presidency.

That brings us back to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton is fundamentally dishonest and Trump is just as dishonest as well. Two ethically challenged candidates are what US voters have to choose from.

Is this really the best the US has to offer? How very sad.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “Is This Really the Best the US Has to Offer in 2016?”

  1. Unfortunately, it has been a “better of two evils” for a decade.

    Hillary is a lot than dishonest, she is downright criminal. Sanders, we can’t afford his agenda. Take a look at Venuelza and that should deter anyone from voting for him. He’s admitted he is a socialist.

    Trump, while he speaks his mind and that is a major plus for him, is an example as to why retired generals do not make good Presidents. They are used to ordering instead of making decisions after careful consideration and building a consensus. That doesn’t mean being indecisive for long period of times and hoping it works out.

    People have been lied to so long that they welcome openness irregardless of the content. They want truth ! The American people have been ignored in favor of others. They welcome someone that states that American interests will come first. That’s Trumps appeal. Frustration has created an environment that “any” hope, real or not is ok.

    What was laughable was Hillarys attack on Trump running a college scam, only to discover there is a Clinton college scam. One is an alleged connoisseur of finer women, the other is an alleged connoisseur of women as well. Both are short tempered, one while on camera, the other when there are no cameras. The similarities are striking .

    Hillary has stated repeatedly she will be Obama part three. People have had enough. Her government career has been one of failures left behind. It started by being fired as an attorney for the Watergate commission for lying and unethical behavior. One can claim a long resume of positions but success has to be part of the experience. Her only appeal is that she might the first woman President. That’s about as stupid as can be. If being first is only requirement, then let’s vote for the first and best comb over, Trump.

    To be honest, Republicans took the House and the Senate, voting yes for numerous Democratic policies. Their leaders more Democrats than Democrats. That begs the question, what was the point of taking power if the plan was continue the Democrat agenda. Absolutely insane ! We have become a one party system.

    We no longer have leaders nor statesmen. Only career politicians with the goal of staying on the job long enough to get vetted. And line up lucative lobbying jobs for after leaving office.

    We are no different than Mexican politics, one crook replaces another. Only change is the party affiliation.

  2. But as a business owner and someone who works with manufacturing companies around the world, much of what Trump says about trade policies (inarticulately) is true. His tax plan is also more business friendly. Elections are about choices. I don’t see Clinton vs. Trump. I see failed economic and foreign policies vs. someone willing to break some paradigms. So, I’m voting for Trump. If it doesn’t work, we can vote for a change in four years. Going down the current path is not sustainable.

  3. Anglo, true. We can always vote for someone else in four years. Problem is 4 yrs cc an leave a long trail of destruction that takes decades to reverse. It is going to take a long time to repair the damage that is being left now.

    But you’re correct, we are willing to take a chance simply because we cant endure another 4 yrs of the same and expect to survive.

    I will agree we need an economic genius and someone with super huge gonads but soft spoken to get out of this mess. Trump has the first two. Hillary has gonads but that’s all and obviously they are very small. Well, I suppose since the Playboy Mansion is being sold, we could have the new Playboy Mansion instead of the White House. What a story ! Trump with the finest or with Hillary and Bill competing for conquests. So do we want studs or a rainbow ?

    I will be pulling the lever while holding my nose.

  4. You all know there is another candidate, right? Trump is the worst of all evils and if he is elected, we will end up in World War III. Think that is fixable, Anglocentric? Clinton is a close second. Johnson seems to be the least of three evils. He did pretty well for New Mexico. Time to break the chains, stop voting for party, and vote for the person.

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