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Guest Author: Patricia Borrego

A few essays ago the topic of the immigrant was posted as one of those compare and contrast type of write-ups. It was very much in the line of White Hats versus Black Hats, John Wayne versus the Native American, and Los Rinches versus Mexicanos. One commenter not appreciating the comments of another who dared express a different opinion from that of the writer and the other commenters challenged that a critique of the ‘legal’ immigrant defenders could not be made in 100 words without the words bigot, racist, or related catch phrases. Others took this lone commenter to task because of his name. But as the fair Juliet asked ‘What is in a name?’

All right then, I’m your huckleberry.

I’m not a historian but I have read my share of the different eras and one theme common is that of the immigrant. He leaves his land for many reasons, some due to natural disasters (e.g., droughts and famines) and others due to man-made disasters (e.g., wars, interference, and Obama Drones). Such is human nature, the instinct of survival. Then there are those that do so just for the sheer joy of adventure. The nativist argues for the status quo fearing any changes that the immigrant may and does bring, then as it is now.

The article was easy-to-read, a coherent summation of the usual garbled redundancy from the masses that never decline an opportunity to condemn the ‘illegal immigrant’.

After reading the first part I was almost inspired to stand up, wrap myself in the American flag, and sing God Bless America. All the proper terms loved by the nativist were written (e.g., patriots, assimilate, and our laws). Of course proper homage was paid to our man du jour, el Trompas.

I believe the book by Douglas A. Blackmon, Slavery by Any Other Name, talks about how poor white folks had more in common with black folks yet they lived under the illusion of how much better they were than black folks. The laws used to intimidate the Afro-American created a divide and conquer atmosphere; these gave a false sense of equal standing with the oligarchy to white folks. Such is the same illusion suffered by some of the Mexican-Americans; they are better than those ‘illegals’. Sorry to disappoint, but never in the eyes of the ‘Real Americans’ like Ann Coulter. In her latest book of true crimes, Adios, America, she denounces George W. Bush for the support from his ‘half-Mexican’ nephew who delivered speeches in Spanish during his Presidential campaign.

Patriotism – when I read this word two fine patriots come to mind, Ronald Reagan and Richard M. Nixon. Reagan in that little escapade of his, Iran-Contra, interfered in a sovereign nation’s civil war, consorted with the enemy, and flooded certain communities with illicit drugs. In the audio tapes from the Johnson Administration of 1968, LBJ in a conversation with Senator Everett Dirksen describes what Nixon is doing as ‘This is treason’.

Thus continued the first part of the essay. It listed all those virtues that only the Norte Americano possesses. Now those same virtues will be taught to the children of the ‘legal’ immigrants.

The second section was a hodgepodge of all words used to vilify the undocumented immigrants and their offspring, same nonsense that roars from the equine Coulter (e.g., criminals, hate for the USA, and ‘these children’ mingle in school with our children). Once again proper tribute was given to el Trompas. (See Note 1)

As a child I too was considered a ‘these children’ and so were many others growing up in the poor Mexican neighborhoods of El Paso. It did not matter whether we were documented, undocumented, or born in the USA; we were Mexican children who needed to be un-Mexicanized. We went to elementary school when ‘these children’s’ mouths were washed with soap for speaking Spanish and taught that we were inferior. The worse of the lot were the few Mexican-American teachers who were trying to prove how not-Mexican they were; they had ‘assimilated’. There were good teachers among the white teachers and I will always be grateful to them.

The majority of ‘these children’ grew up to be good, hard working, law-abiding citizens. We became educators, scientists, lawyers, engineers, laborers, workers, authors, poets, and artists. It could be that the children that did not had their spirits broken by an oppressive system before they had a chance.
We taught ourselves about our history, our culture, our writers, our poets, and more that was not taught in your schools. We united and grew and demanded that our history be part of the curriculum. For you see your schools are our schools. Our history is USA history. We don’t need Ann Coulter’s or her fellow travelers’ blessings. Oh yes, we protested too. (Note 2)

I find it rather hypocritical to complain about the protesting of el Trompas when he not only initiated violence against peaceful protestors early on but cheered when his trompatistas assaulted them. Was the rule of law on a hiatus?

The current ‘these children’ are following the same path we walked and no doubt they will do us proud. For you see the undocumented immigrant is part of the fabric of this ‘great’ nation whether the nativist accepts it or not.

We don’t and won’t ‘assimilate’ on anyone’s terms but our own. We take from the mainstream culture and weave it with our culture. Globalism has vindicated us, bilingualism works.

What the parents of ‘these children’ are doing is not selfish, thoughtless, and unlawful. They are sacrificing to provide a better live for their children and themselves. I am willing to bet that they have thought it out – the hardships and denigrations they face. That is the instinct of survival. Coming into the country without documents is only Manifest Destiny in Reverse; if it is good enough for the USA to invade and blow up sovereign states then it is only fair for the undocumented immigrant to use it. I don’t know about you all, but

I would rather have the immigrant come undocumented than to be carpet bombed. (See Note 3)

If you won’t embrace them, there are many of us who will, if you won’t welcome them, there are many of us who will. We provide the sympathy that is alleged they are exploiting their children to obtain.

As an opinion piece that offered plenty of red meat to the salivating hordes that never fail at a chance to impugn the undocumented immigrant it succeeded. The comments were delivered in quiet tones and bowed heads, lauding the author for her pearls of wisdom, almost to the point of beatification. One commenter even mentioned the humble beginnings of the writer; I suppose to give prominence to her words.

But as an in-depth, well-researched paper it failed miserably. The author did not conduct any interviews with the undocumented immigrant yet she informs the reader as to the thoughts and feelings of the immigrant. She writes of what the immigrant teaches his child and what the child will grow up to be and feel towards the USA. There were no citations and/or references to studies, scientific research, or any type of serious investigations that have been conducted of such a complex theme. There was no mention of the successes of the Dreamers and/or children of the undocumented immigrant who have been in the news in recent times.

Maybe she would be better served to hang out a shingle – Madam Equis – Mind Reader.

Keep on jigging, you all.

Note 1 – In one of his more recent rants, el Trompas vilified a judge for ruling against his bogus institution of higher learning, and then he brings up Mexican. This is code phrasing to let his trompatistas know that Mexican equals bad.
Note 2 – Be happy, you all. A textbook on the history of Mexican-Americans titled Mexican-American Heritage is up for review in Texas. The article from the Associate Press quotes from the book ‘Chicanos adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed Western civilization and wanted to destroy this society’. There are probably more jewels like this.
Note 3 – In the Empire Files Abby Martin reports about the border in a two-part documentary ‘A Policy of Death’ and ‘A Hidden War’.
Extra Note – I came across this article just before submitting the essay-´Underwater Dreams, written and directed by Mary Mazzio, and narrated by Michael Peña, is an epic story of how the sons of undocumented Mexican immigrants learned how to build an underwater robot from Home Depot parts, and defeat engineering powerhouse MIT in the process.

About the guest author:
Patricia Borrego is currently working as a caretaker and living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, barking from a distance. On some of her free time she does volunteer work for her community mainly tutoring and interpreting (Spanish/English). She spends time reading (lots) and enjoying her self-imposed semi-solitude. In her work history she has worked in fields from the non-professional to the professional and learned from all those that she has come in contact with.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “Jigging for Ann Coulter’s Blessing”

  1. I’ll make sure I don’t drink whatever she had. I have never read such a distorted, divisive, fiction and inflammatory OPINION. However, it’s her opinion everyone else hit the highway.

    This a perfect example of the proganda that is fed to those that blame everyone else for a lack of progress. There are many that started in the fields or worse, picking cotton. They worked hard to get out the fields and went on to be successful. No blaming, no excuses, no self pity. This the type of bs that fed to keep a knee on the neck and maintain control of the people by brainwashing. You CANT make it because it’s the white man’s fault and those that do break the hold are traitors. You are a traitor if you teach children to have high expectations. They want to keep you in sandals and riding burros while they drive by in a new car with a/c. Stopping long enough to yell “keep up the struggle, viva La Raza ! Viva Brrown Berets !” Take a good at the revoluntionaries, like Castro, he adopted the very lavish lifestyle and oppression of the people that he promised he would eliminate. Hugo Chavez implemented austere policies for his people while he lived well. Look at Venezuela, Honduras. Especially Mexico, two classes extremely rich or poor.

    My children are successful via their own efforts. They were raised to believe in themselves and hard work. They didn’t waste time and effort by marching on streets. They spent their time in the classroom. No apologizes, blaming or hating others for failure or demonizing those that are more successful. You reap what you !

  2. They were never told they can not or will not escape poverty or have a successful career because they are Mexican. They are proud of their heritage and of their country. They have succeeded because they grew up with the the Mexican work ethic and American determination.

    Raise a child to have low expectations because of heritage and you get an adult with no ambition,low expectations, shame of heritage and no sense of self responsibility. “I could have been somebody if I had been born Anglo-

  3. In my next life i want to have one of those hyphenated surnames, like the east coast old money crowd. Something like, “Lee-Pemberton.” Or better yet, have a surname for my first name, like “McGeorge Bundy.”

    I’m sure that next life will be just peachy.

  4. At a recent visit to the VA the staff member looked and my husband’s last name (it has Polish origins) and asked him, what kind of name is that. My husband’s response? American. If you want to call us nativists for being proud of being American first and our different heritages, second, that’s fine.

    1. Cis-gendered, hetero normal, majority patriarchal white male. I’m surprised they let him in:)

      1. Funny thing about the VA, if you serve your country and manage to navigate the paperwork challenges of documenting your service connected disability, they let you in even if you are a white guy who doesn’t hypenate (as long as you empty your pockets, show your ID and don’t set off the metal detector).

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