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It is not news that I appeared before Council on April 21st to oppose the reappointment of Jose Landeros to the City Plan Commission. I expressed my concern regarding this individual’s integrity and provided council documentation to support my concerns. I also appeared before council in January to express outrage at Landeros and Claudia Ordaz’ conduct during a July 14th City Council meeting, and again I submitted documentation to support my stance.

I applaud Dr. Noe for removing Landeros’ reappointment from the consent agenda to the regular agenda for discussion. Council members’ questions and comments regarding conflict of interest were pertinent, valid and deserved answers from Ordaz. Ms. Ordaz’ responses, or lack thereof, in defense of Landeros did not sway Council to approve his reappointment.

Individuals who are nominated to commissions, committees or boards should not be automatically approved without discussion. Neither should prospective employees for elected officials be automatically employed by the city or county without Human Resources first having done their due diligence on these individuals.
In a May 12th El Paso Times’ article Ordaz expressed that it’s been a challenge to replace Landeros because of his level of expertise.

In a city with a population of 680,000 is it possible that the talent pool in El Paso is so shallow and narrow that finding a replacement for Landeros is making her job difficult?

Individuals nominated for appointments should be evaluated on qualifications and character.

An El Paso Times’ article on May 12th praised Landeros’ qualifications and education. His hard work should be recognized without a doubt. The article epitomized a great political-marketing strategy, elaborating on Landeros’ education and qualifications, yet neglecting to mention his character was questioned at a January City Council meeting and again on April 21th, and City Council believed there was a conflict of interest – character matters.

This article also focused on the embarrassing dismissal of Landeros’ from the City Plan Commission. An important fact given little consideration is that Landeros was not a bona fide member of the City Plan Commission. His term expired in January. Section 2.04.040 specifically states: “When the term of office of any member of any city board or commission expires, the member shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed and qualified, or until thirty days have passed following the expiration of the term, whichever event occurs first. Any holding over past the thirty-day period is prohibited, and after that time a vacancy in the board shall exist and the former member shall have no power to vote or participate in board proceedings.”

Whose responsibility was it to inform Landeros of the no-hold-over provision? Was it the responsibility of the City Attorney? Are council members required to read the City Ordinance and know the terms and provisions for appointees? Is it then council member’s responsibility to explain them to appointees? Did Landeros know he had thirty days on the City Plan Commission after his term expired but continued to thwart the law because he believed he was above the law? Many questions remain unanswered.

There appears to be failure of communication at the City which requires attention.

And then there’s the finger pointing. Accountability is not something we are accustomed to seeing at the City. Surely someone knew of the terms and provisions of appointees to the City Plan Commission!

Oops, Joyce Wilson did admit she unilaterally made the $20,000,000 decision that you and I are now going to pay, in addition to the other millions. Who gave her that authority? Oh, she didn’t need anyone’s permission. Now that’s accountability! But I digress.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

14 replies on “Ordaz Dilemma – El Paso’s Shallow and Narrow Talent Pool”

  1. Wow ! That’s accountability !

    Landeros might be well educated, somehow he missed Ethics 101 or failed that course. Some of our well educated officials are sitting in prison because they thought they were smarter than average El Pasoan.

    Barbara is correct, these characters strive in politics and various positions because of the belief of superiority and above the law, plus NO accountability.

    We need more people like Barbara to pay attention and challenge all of these underhanded politicians regardless of party affiliation or faction of a party. We are seeing the slow but continuing dismantling of one of the most inept, shady and unethical regimes in El Paso. Look at the culprits, Ordaz, Perez, Landeros, Escobar, a state senator, the DA, a congressman. They have had a tight grip on this city for a long time and look around at the financial mess they are leaving for future generations.

  2. Barbara
    As to Wilson with all of her differing statements on record on what happened with the sale of the bonds and no one local going to hold her accountable why no file a SEC complaint it’s not hard and you do not have to give your name. Others in El Paso should do the same. Believe there is grounds for such a complaint. You had a person using their office, who cost the taxpayers of El Paso 20 million + dollars, misusing bonds by with holding the sale of said bonds in an attempt to manipulate the out come of an election.

  3. Thomas I’m waiting on city council to proceed with this $20,000,000 dilemma. I continue to seek answers.

  4. Barbara the city has pretty much thumb their nose at anything being done of substance they are just waiting for others and you to go away and then quietly let it be forgotten. Believe you will be waiting a long time. Do recall the words from the Mayor,CC members and Wilson is it’s time to move on.

  5. Great idea Thomas! Barbara can lead the charge to recall every cc member still on council that stuck us with the 20 mil bill.
    Barb that would be Acosta, Noe, Niland.
    Please save us Barbara

  6. Look Thomas or Jose Corona wink wink Jaime or whatever cleaver name you come up with next the reason people don’t like to pursue things is because you and your masters go after them, personally and professionally. Stick to Horizon area politics Jaime or as Anita calls you Prev.

  7. The perv is already darting his haters to say things to his face. A veiled threat.

    He has a twin that likes to threaten, Kim Jun of N Korea. Same barber ?

  8. Vendetta915
    Dumb ass Jaime doesn’t live in Horizon City. Guess where he does live? How many times does Jaime need to write he lives in the Valley but some like you are to stupid to figure that one out.
    Anita we would have filed the SEC complaint last year if we lived inside the city limits of El Paso but no living in El Paso we can’t show we incurred a lose. Anita do not wait on Barbara why don’t you file a complaint it is not hard and you do not have to give your personal information unless you want a cut of any money possibly recovered which in this case will not happen. Anita what you and others are not being told is when it is all said and done the cost most likely will be closer to 30 million dollars. Anita you need to recall all of the CC members and start with a clean slate.
    Anita just think what 30 million could do for a children’s science museum being built in El Paso or how many people in El Paso could get degrees or upgrade their work skills on that kind of money. Or how about a 30 million dollar tax cut for the people of El Paso.

  9. People posting are illerate Mariana can’t even compose a sentence. These are the types Barb has on her side! Barb, please join forces with Thomas drop the dumb ones and make things happen.

  10. Anita
    Once again you want others to do what you should be doing yourself. Stop being lazy if you do not like Noe, Niland ,whoever, in local government get out an remove them do not wait for others to do what you should be doing yourself.

  11. I did not make the comments on this article. Someone is impersonating me. It’s probably the perv working for county commissioner El Tirantes and/or his girlfriend La India Maria on city council.

  12. Anita
    Martin has the e-mail and IP address for the post would be very interesting to see if they are traced back to the county or the city computer or smartphone issued to some one in local government now that would be a story Martin.. Get to admit it would be funny.

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