From the news media reports, the blogosphere, social media and my post about David Nevarez, you know that there are eight candidates looking to fill the unexpired term of Larry Romero. As has become my tradition, I will be compiling a complete dossier on each of the candidates. In addition, and as usual, I will be analyzing the campaign contributions for each of the candidates. As I pointed out yesterday, with Larry Romero leaving under a cloud of corruption, it is important that voters have an opportunity to learn more about the candidates seeking their votes.

As a reminder, the eight candidates, in ballot order are: Dolores Baca, Cemelli de Aztlan, Abraham Monteros, Gordon Thatcher, David Nevarez, Jim Tolbert, Rene Abilez and Angel del Toro. Compiling the data for the dossiers is time intensive and requires planning on my part, as such I have to develop a plan in advance. Therefore, today I decided to share my editorial calendar for each candidate. As you might remember, on March 23, 2016, I published a call for the candidates to submit their own write-ups to be published on my blog. Only one candidate submitted their write up, Abraham Monteros.

As a result, I will publish Montero’s write up tomorrow.

Because early voting starts on April 25, I plan on starting to publish the dossiers on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. That is next week. I plan on publishing them daily in the ballot order. There are three important items that I am waiting on for the results of some of my open records requests and legal confirmation about another item. If any of the results arrive during the scheduled candidate dossiers, I may break up the dossiers with the results of my requests. Some of the information I have been seeking, if confirmed, are too important to delay any longer. As you can see, I am already deep into this month with items that need to be published.

For now, the planned schedule is: Dolores Baca on April 13, followed by Cemelli Aztlan the following day, and Abraham Monteros on Friday, April 15. On Monday, April 18, I plan on picking up with Gordon Thatcher, followed by David Nevarez on Tuesday. Jim Tolbert is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20. Tolbert will be followed by Rene Abilez and Angel del Toro will be last on Friday, April 22.

I know of some political operatives working for different candidates who have started to build up their social media outlets and their candidates’ messages. Some of you have already reached out to me. Feel free to continue to send me your information. I am also aware of the opposition research making its way to me through anonymous channels. If the information proves factual I will include it in the dossiers. Remember, I must be able to verify it through public records. If you have the public records, including it makes my life much easier.

As for you, the candidates, my dossiers are based on public records. If you want to get in front of the unpleasant news, feel free to send me your explanation at least two business days before I’ve scheduled your dossier and I will include your comments in it.

The thing about public records, as demonstrated by David Nevarez, is that the information is readily available. All of the candidates can be sure that an opposing candidate’s campaign will ensure that the negative information finds its way to the news media or the blogosphere.

More importantly, there are eight candidates running. Many of the candidates likely have criminal-free histories and therefore those with criminal histories should understand that they are at a disadvantage, especially those seeking to fill the vacancy left by Larry Romero who is leaving because of scandal related to allegations of corruption.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...