The last few days I have been updating you on various interconnected issues that many of you are not aware of because, for the most part, they are things that happen at much larger levels then local politics. I covered the global internet network, the concept of being prosecuted for bribing foreign government officials and how it is my belief that corruption is engrained in the fabric of the El Paso society. Let me quickly recap all of these for you.

As I posted on Tuesday, the global Internet network is a very valuable commodity that El Paso is playing a central role in. It is not about millions of dollars but rather about much more money than that in addition to control of the flows of information and the global economy. As much as El Pasoans try to believe that the city is nothing more than a small provincial town, there are many things going on in the background that have global implications. These things involve the largest global market in the world and the eleventh largest economy in the world.

The other thing I tried to bring your attention to is the bribery of foreign governmental officials and how the US government prosecutes those. Not only is El Paso on the border but it has been embroiled with numerous corruption scandals, some prosecuted and other shrugged off for many years now. The thing is that since corruption is assumed to be part of how business is conducted in El Paso, many do not bother to question the things that seem out of place.

Tied to this is the significant political transformation that happened in Mexico starting in 2000. The rise of the PAN Party was propelled by Juárez political operatives. Cd. Juárez was central to the rise of the PAN Party and it has always been central to drug trafficking. Many view Juárez as another small town having nothing to do with Mexican politics or Mexican political intrigue. Many of the central figures in various Mexican national issues are in El Paso or are connected to El Paso through business linkages.

These individuals have been expanding their empires into the United States or have used El Paso as a conduit to US business interests. This has been mostly lost to many individuals. Land, global trade and information technology are central to what is going on around you. US political factions are being reshaped because of the new faces aligning with older faces in El Paso.

Finally, I reiterated that corruption is not as simple as giving money or valuable things for special favors. Corruption entails much more than that. The problem is that not many question what is corrupt because it so engrained into the community.

As I wrote yesterday, corruption does not happen in a vacuum.

The problem is that the minutia is so boring that many eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to global internet networks, the foreign corrupt practices laws and defining corruption.

All of us want scandal, the more scandalous the better. Death threats are gravy to boring details.

On Monday, I am going to share with you how Vince Perez appointed someone to the University Medical Center (UMC) Board that ties all of these elements together for you.

Not only are you going to see how seemingly unrelated items come together to show a pattern but you will also get to read about international intrigue, alleged death threats, US-Mexican intergovernmental agencies and corruption as well as you get the opportunity to see how El Paso is host to extremely wealthy families leveraging political connections.

I promise that you it won’t be boring. Enjoy your weekend.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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