Editor’s note: I had meant to conclude the four part series on the Culture of Corruption this morning however, it is important that I point out the complicity of the El Paso Times along with useful idiot Jaime Abeytia in regards to Claudia Ordaz’ attempt at managing her public relations persona via the MPO issue. The conclusion to my four-part series will run this afternoon.

Some of you have commented that I give Jaime Abeytia too much credit or that I focus too much on Bob Moore. There is a reason for that. It is my belief that public perception is being manipulated in order to benefit a specific public agenda; one that I believe is driving El Paso into bankruptcy. I have already shown you how the Texas Tribune was duped into running an erroneous report about an attorney running for office. I have shown you that the intent was to demonize Stephanie Townsend Allala for political purposes.

As you can see by this example, manipulating the public perception is dangerous.

As with the Texas Tribune, useful idiots working for political factions are the launch pads for political backscatter and whisper campaigns. If they remained relegated to obvious political rhetoric then it would not be a problem but when the paper of record is added to the conspiracy, it becomes dangerous to the community.

It has been my contention, for a number of years, and I believe that I have extensively documented it on my blog that Bob Moore manipulates the content of the El Paso Times in service to a specific political agenda. Instead of being the paper of record, the El Paso Times, masquerading as a newspaper, has become the voice for a public agenda that is detrimental to the community.

Tuesday’s MPO debacle and the exposure of Claudia Ordaz’ part on the fiasco is further proof of this. As soon as I understood how the public manipulation was happening I published my blog post, letting you know of what was happening and predicting what was going to happen.

On cue, the El Paso Times did not disappoint. Don’t take my word for it, let a comparison of the local paper to the KVIA report show you clearly Bob Moore’s duplicity.

Let’s review the report “Missed MPO funding opportunities total $40 million, city Rep. Claudia Ordaz says” by Diana Washington Valdez published on July 14, 2015. As I have stated numerous times before, the misuse of the newspaper is not normally a reflection of the reporter but rather of Bob Moore. I will explain.

In this case, the public manipulation begins with the misleading headline of “$40 million” tied to “Claudia Ordaz” insinuating that the city lost $40 million and that Claudia Ordaz discovered it. The “discovery” illusion was created by Jaime Abeytia in a blog and given respectability by Bob Moore in a subsequent editorial. In the case of the headline, it is not the reporter that creates the headline but some else that I believe is either influenced by Bob Moore or he himself creates the headline.

There are many misleading quotes but that is par for the course as a reporter’s duty is to report quotes given to them. However, what is important to note is that although there is mention of the meeting being “testy at times” but the fact that Claudia Ordaz was exposed for attempting to be appointed to the MPO was glossed over and important facts were omitted.

Again, I believe this is Bob Moore’s doing. The fact is that the paper of record omitted some important facts.

Let’s compare the paper with what KVIA reported.

KVIA’s report, “Loss of federal funding leads to tense accusations” by Maria Garcia on July 14, 2015 points out that the “nearly four-hour discussion over millions of dollars of lost transportation funding turned into a finger-pointing session.”

Garcia offered a report explaining both sides of the debate. Garcia added additional information about the city’s relationship with TXDOT, as per Cortney Niland’s perspective.

More importantly, Maria Garcia added important context to the issue by including information about the possible motives as to why this became an issue.

Garcia quoted Michiel Noe as stating, “Why are these numbers being manipulated to make the City look bad and at the same time all of this is going on, we’re getting all of this pressure to put Rep. Ordaz on the MPO.”

Maria Garcia also quoted Oscar Leeser as stating “I can tell you that I have received four different phone calls from either state or other entities asking me to remove certain members of the MPO to put you in it,” adding that Leeser had been asked by Ordaz to be added to the MPO.

KVIA’s Garcia concluded her report by adding the two most important details about the whole fiasco that the El Paso Times neglected to mention. Garcia reported that Cortney Niland, which was singled out in the discussion of the MPO, Michiel Noe and Emma Acosta as being members of the MPO. Maria Garcia then added that Vince Perez, “who is in a romantic relationship with Ordaz,” according to KVIA’s report, is the chairman of the MPO.

As you can clearly see, the dots connect as to why Ordaz is on a rampage on the MPO issue and it has nothing to do with lost money and everything to do with political control. In Tuesday’s blog post, I wrote that I expected Bob Moore to attempt to keep the manipulation of the public perception going through his newspaper. I believe that the omission of specific contextual facts is a result of this.

Herein lies additional proof of Bob Moore’s misuse of the local newspaper in the service of his masters.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Bob Moore’s Complicity Exposed Again with MPO”

  1. El Lardo the con is working overtime to save his own butt and hers. He uses the technique that if a lie is repeated enough, it becomes the truth. It’s not working, people are wise to the shenanigans and bull. The sleight of hand has become transparent. For some reason he believes if he hides behind the young rep, we can’t see him. LOL

    I have repeatedly suggested for her, Vince and others to terminate contact with the jerk. He is going to go down and theyre going down with him. He’s blew it with the “accidental” disclosure off her mayoral and MPO aspirations. How many more times does he have to screw up before they get it. How, when and where did she discover the mistake. That’s the question that will expose the plot. Publish the names of the people trying to pressure the Mayor to appoint her to the MPO. This smacks of another county official maneuver to consolidate power. Unethical conduct is about be a grand scale disclosure event.

    He has the nerve to insinuate that the Mayor and other council members are lying and picking on her. How much more disrespectful and arrogant can he get. The plot failed ! However, he will try to smooth things over with his a– kissing and pretense of being a supporter. I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws Vince and his gal under the bus by using the familiar line ” I was just following orders “. Naive and gullible Peter will soon be squirming if he doesn’t get rid of greasy and chin face.

    There’s a rumor on the street that a group of people are pooling their money to get a licensed bounty hunter to get El Lardo to Arizona. Hope it’s true, wonder if the bail bondsmen will participate, after all Vince stuck it to them. I would laugh if he starts singing to save his pig skin. His type usually do.

    It’s impolite to say “We told you so”, but some just have to learn the hard way.

  2. Martin,

    Why were Mexicans being such poor sports last night by throwing water bottles onto the field last night?



  3. It’s great how these Mexicans tear one another down, Martin writing is a perfect example. He puts down anyone who is Mexican I love it! Look at the comment from the skunk! It’s wonderful you all Mexicans keep fighting amoungest yourselves and the White man stays in control! Great job!!

  4. Tearing down or exposing unethical behavior ?

    LOL, trying to pose as a white guy, LOL. Fear of the truth drives some to any measure to stop exposure.

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