In the grand scheme of things in El Paso, it seems that it is better to be a criminal than to live an honest life. From the beginning, I felt this but it is a difficult thing to prove because the corruption is so endemic that it covers up after itself. The corruption is so engrained into the fabric of the El Paso society that many of the “upstanding” citizens and politicians of the community gravitate to a criminal as if crime is just part of the society. Because in El Paso it is.

As some of you complain about my lengthy posts today I am giving you a treat, I will let the following image speak for itself.

The images above were sent to me by a reader who wrote; “This is the type of followers a real blogger has.” Of course the reader demanded I keep them anonymous. I guess I’m not criminal enough to count on these people as followers on my Facebook page.

Look at the individuals wishing Jaime Abeytia a Happy Birthday and ask yourself what place each of these individuals holds in the politics of the city.

Jaime Abeytia is a criminal that is currently on probation. He also has a warrant out for his arrest in Arizona.

Looking at the image, did you notice the judge extending him a birthday wish? I get Yahara Lisa Gutierrez because in El Paso it is ok to be arrested for driving while intoxicated and still be elected to be a judge and send others to prison. That is how it is in El Paso.

Although it should not surprise me that politicos gravitate to criminals I am still flabbergasted to see them so blatantly and publicly friending Jaime. Jerome Tilghman is not that much of a surprise as he is desperately trying to get a government gig by running for office each time he can. As many times as he has lost has probably made him desperate and desperate people run to criminals.

Former police chief Carlos Leon and now county commissioner should not surprise any of you. After all, Leon is used to being around criminals. Leon, as you might remember, instigated an investigation of a whistleblower that instead of investigating the serious threat of drug cartel infiltration of the El Paso Police Department he wanted the whistleblower thrown in jail. We still do not know if the police have been infiltrated by the cartels but the substantial circumstantial evidence that I have documented for you seems to indicate so.

Peter Svarzbein, well that speaks for itself.

That leads me to the final example of what is wrong with El Paso – Bob Moore.

Clearly, Bob Moore and Jaime Abeytia are working together for the same masters. I have documented this over the years. I have shared with you how Abeytia frames the public perception and Moore happily magnifies it through the newspaper.

Tomorrow, I am going to share with you a poignant example of this.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

19 replies on “Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres: Jaime Abeytia”

  1. Someone who asked to remain anonymous wanted to point out that Facebook crap like that indicates how many, or the quality of a blogger’s followers?! Is that right? Isn’t a more accurate measure of your followers found on the blog itself? I mean, my blog has never garnered more than 31 actual followers, but I’m sure that is because all I do is complain, but they are all right there on the blog (well, 31 people have claimed to be followers at one time or another, but I doubt if any of them still follow me).

  2. Lovely. They befriend a man who sexually harassed his ex-partner by sending nude images of her that he stole to her friends, co-workers, and her family– including her minor children! What a pig. We are just witnessing pigs being pigs. No matter if some wear lipstick, they still love playing in the mud.

  3. Association with Jamie is an indicator of poor judgement and total disregard of your reputation. I’d rather be associated with trash.

    Other than a being a mudslinger, bull shitter, a crud, dead beat and morally deficient why would these people associate with such a individual. Is he useful when making attacking or are they deficient as well.

    Anywhere he goes he leaves a trail of lies, back stabbing, and being the brunt of jokes when he leaves a group of people. What a pitiful person.

  4. I have said it a million times……….Jaime is a a worthless opportunistic piece of trash. I made the mistake of hanging out with him for 2 years. These elected officials and political hopefuls follow him because they want the free publicity. KHRO 1150 changed its programming because they were not bringing in any advertising revenue. Jaime was giving at away for free! Well, the candidates were not paying the station any money for it. Jaime would trade time on his radio program (up to 3 hours a day) for food, alcohol and electronic devices. He even had Judge Herrera, who was the judge on one of his cases, on his radio program when he was running for re-election. This is the reason why the Lion Star Blob gets away with all the crimes he commits. The majority of his listeners (the few the station had) worked at the county courthouse. Assistant DA’s, defense attorneys and judges listened to the dumb ass ramble on and act like some sort of political expert. They know he is a buffoon but understand that he has somehow weaseled his way into El Paso politics and believe he has some power in swaying public opinion in an election. Why not? He is very easy to bribe. They don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. It may not be quality advertising they get but they cant beat the amount of coverage they get for an order of tacos and a couple beers. On the high end maybe an IPOD, sound recorder or simply making a payment on his Cricket cell phone bill so they won’t cut it off.

    1. Sammy, you have a criminal record in El Paso county for beating woman and have the nerve to talk! Lmao

  5. The thing is this has been happening for a very long time. It would be neat if there was a timeline of the corruption and who has been involved for the past 30 years, or even 20 years. The FBI certainly is not going to do it. Thanks, Martin, for bringing this up, as it is endemic in this community.

  6. Sammy, that’s great, thanks for exposing El Lardo the Con.

    He is a legend in his own head(no brain) to the point he considers himself a lady killer. Lol, the self delusion. He still believes all the politicians “really” like him and refuses to believe he is their biggest joke. Sammy, you are absolutely correct, he is very useable and mudslinging is the main thrust of his, lol, politicial expertise, lol. Whew, didn’t think I would stop laughing. To his credit, the idiots that accept his, lol, advice are dumber than he is for accepting the hahaha advice.

    When this con artist goes down all of the idiots will be scattering like roaches to distant themselves. But, since he is a moocher and user, he will not hesitate to give up the dirt. Incredible that people would risk career and reputation thru association with a cheap con artist. Is it really worth it to risk all for some slimey politics. Is your self esteem so low and desperate to hold office that you would even be seen speaking to the greasy chin and lips. Reminds me of the spaghetti westerns Mexican outlaws.

    All of you have lost your self respect – in case you are in denial, the last few sentences are directed at the politicians. Stop feeding his ego and giving his bs any creditability. At least have that much self respect.

    1. Sammy or his given name ” Samuel Carrejo” is a {deleted by Martin Paredes, unless you provide proof of this do not post it as fact.}

      1. Martin, go to its public record. I know you can connect the dots. I can also post the pic of it if needed.

  7. Why anyone would want to associate with this disgusting individual is surprising, but a woman who is a judge? She must be removed ASAP. I will support whoever runs against her.

  8. Strange no one mentioned El Lardo as an example of the crime. Even worse to expose his daughter to explicit shots of her mother! Then claiming it wasn’t intentional, really ? Plus hacking the computer.

    How is he punished in El Paso, probation and rewarded by local officials by giving him mudslinging jobs. Unbelievable.

  9. why cant someone get a bounty hunter from arizona to come and take him back to arizona ? is it even legal to do so and shit i might would even donate some money to the cause.

  10. Reference
    Carrejo, Samuel, Case No. 20040C11292 Criminal Court
    Related cases 2004-B11292

  11. Sammy Carrejo is a convicted wife beater, I posted earlier and it was deleted for some reason. Sammy Carrejo will is abusive who threatens and beats woman. Sammy knows all to well what it means to be on probation.

  12. Not clever enough, jjme is very obvious. Although he claims that none of the comments being made about him are troublesome.

    The truth is stinging, all pretense is gone, you are what you are. Not to be trusted. Continue to believe everyone has high regard for you and that you are important. All the time, the very people that use you have made you a brunt of their jokes.

    Leave Sammy alone, he knows that he was wrong but he has changed and is doing all he can to make up for the slip. You on the other hand are and will always be a loser with thoughts of grandeur. If it is true that you are Peter’s closest advisor, then he is the worse possible choice for cavity rep. That is tantamount to selling his soul. Nothing good will come of that association.

    Peter if you have any sense of decency and conscience get away from that sewer dweller before you become tainted as he. Get rid of him, don’t trust him, for he is remembering all the little details that will be useful against you.

    Sammy got away in time and cut off all contact with him. He is a better man, husband and father today. He learned quickly when you sleep with pigs, you smell just like them.

  13. Doesn’t change the fact that Sammy Carrejo has a record for beating woman. No one told him to beat woman or make terroristic threats to a woman he did that on his own. He is a big fat pussy to beat a woman! Sammy is no better than what he accuses!

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