Guess who is getting the Conquistador Award tomorrow? If you guessed Ann Morgan Lilly, you are absolutely correct. The dubious award will be given to her during the city council’s “recognitions” portion of the agenda. Normally receiving an award is a time of celebration, especially for a long-serving outgoing politician. An award is usually an honor that the recipient will happily uphold as a symbol of their hard work.

In the case of Ann Morgan Lilly, she is likely to happily receive it and highlight it as part of her accomplishments. However, is the award really an honor for the recipient?

Awards like the Conquistador Award are supposed to be selectively given as a recognition carefully bestowing it upon an individual with an untarnished record of accomplishment. In the case of Ann Morgan Lilly who has been accused of assault twice, once upon a city employee, the question remaining is whether she deserves to be acknowledged as one of the city’s accomplished individuals.

The latest assault accusation was made publicly and apparently investigated and yet the results of the investigation were never made public.

Under such circumstances, it would be reasonable to assume that a city award would be withheld until the questions of the person’s character are addressed publicly.

Of course, in El Paso, such things do not work like that.

The Conquistador Award has become a symbol of serving the masters pulling the strings of their subservient and loyal servants. Being a criminal doesn’t even matter.

Look closely at the history of who has been bestowed the award and you will clearly understand why it is nothing more than a servant’s “thank you” for a job well done from their master.

The following is the list of the dubious characters that have received the Conquistador Award. I believe the list supports my thesis.

1. Susie Byrd on June 18, 2013 by John Cook
2. John Cook on June 2, 2001 by Carlos Ramirez
3. Myrna Deckert on September 7, 2002 by Ray Caballero
4. David Escobar* on May 16, 1981 be Thomas Westfall
5. Paul Escobar# on June 1, 2001 by Carlos Ramirez
6. Paul Foster on September 18, 2007 and May 28, 2013 by John Cook
7. Woody Hunt on May 28, 2012 by John Cook
8. Robert “Bob” Jones* on November 16, 2001 by Ray Caballero
9. Larry Medina* on June 2, 2001 by Carlos Ramirez and on July 21, 2009 by John Cook [see note below]
10. Steve Ortega on June 18, 2013 by John Cook

Now you can add Ann Morgan Lilly to the list on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Like everything with the El Paso City Council, transparency is not their strong suit, therefore at this point we do not know if the award is being issued to her by City Council, as a whole, or by the mayor’s office. There is no back up material provided on the agenda listing on the city’s website.

More importantly, I believe there is a reason why the award is still called the Conquistador Award and it has nothing to do with it representing the culture of El Paso, but rather the culture of the horde that controls the city’s public policy agenda suffocating the El Paso taxpayers.

The (*) designates the individual is a criminal.
The (#) signifies at least one arrest.

Note on Larry Medina: There are conflicting reports about Larry Medina’s awards. Officially, the city lists him as having received two awards. However, Medina has publicly stated that Ray Caballero gave him the award “privately” in 2003. Of course, Larry Medina isn’t exactly known for honesty.

This article was edited by Manny Rivera.

Martin Paredes

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    1. Hector is nobody’s flunkie. He’s a leader and one of the most thoughtful and intellectual people in El Paso. Anyone who knows anything about him knows that he’s a hero in the community and has mentored countless successful women and men. For a short time, he worked for Medina’s aborted campaign for county judge, and they would have beaten Escobar if not for Larry’s legal troubles. Hector Montes had already produced some brilliant TV campaign ads that never aired. Many still believe Medina was not guilty and should not have pleaded guilty and that he did so only because he has a small child, and he didn’t want to risk an unfair conviction and a longer sentence. Some are envious of Hector because he has also been the best radio talk show host ever in El Paso.

      1. a talk radio show in el paso isnt something to brag about because if it was so successful it would still be on. only 10 people tuned in to his relentless obama drivel. he had campaign ads that didnt air because they werent brilliant enough for the stupid ass populace in el paso. ha

  1. Again you make unsubstantiated remarks! Mrs. Ann Morgan Lilly was never charged with assault. I hope she sues you for libel!

  2. Come on, Morgan was accused and is under investigation. LOL, we’re not talking tracking down Hannibal Lector or the Zodiac Killer.

    The investigation has been ongoing, by a Special Unit, for 18 plus months. Now if anyone else threatened a city employee, the investigation would have been wrapped in an hour and referred to the Prosector. LOL, if some of you can’t see preferential Justice, you are most likely a part of the problem.

    While Jaime has his own BS, he has to come here to flex his fat and spittle his weak threats which he believes frightens people. That’s another LOL.

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