To say that I am disgusted does not even begin to express the utter outrage I feel inside of me as I listen to Ann Coulter’s diatribe against Mexicans on the Jorge Ramos Fusion show on May 26. (Two-minute video at the end of this post) As a political blogger, I am used to all sorts of outlandish outbursts from all sorts of political ideologies. Most mainstream political rhetoric is tempered with some semblance of decency however, disingenuous it may be. Although I am frequently accused of being a conservative, even as far as being a Republican (never mind that I can’t vote as I am not a US citizen), it has not been lost in me that there are many fanatical right-wingers that espouse removing all Mexicans from the US. What Coulter stated just cannot be ignored for the simple reason that she is held up by the conservatives in the United States in high esteem. She may not be their official spokesperson; however, she speaks for them on the national stage.

I am used to xenophobic extremists and advocates of the closed-borders mentality but to listen to someone outright state that the “Mexican culture is deficient” and US citizens should “fear Mexicans more than ISIS” is beyond repugnant.

Her outburst, notwithstanding, the fallacy of her whole argument clearly shows the racism that drives her political rhetoric.

I understand that Ann Coulter needs to drive eyeballs to her rhetoric in order to sell her books. I get that she needs to be outrageous to stay relevant. More importantly, I believe and embrace the right for anyone to speak their mind no matter how outrageous their opinion may be.

What Ann Coulter’s racist outburst has so poignantly forced me to consider is that although individuals should have the right to express themselves uncensored does not mean that outrageous expressions should be allowed to remain unchallenged.

The more I thought about Ann Coulter’s racism the angrier I got. Sure, it probably hit me hardest because I am a proud citizen of the Republic of Mexico. Sure, it probably angered me because I took her outrageous statements as being directed at me. Yes, she does not know who I am as I am just one of millions of other immigrants but the uttered hatred she expressed; I took personally as one of the immigrants she directed her diatribe to.

I was prepared to debunk each of her outrageous allegations she levied upon Mexicans all over the world with my normal measured well-researched and documented posts when I realized that such outrageousness does not need proof of how outrageous it is.

It just needs to be exposed, by her own words, so that others can see why individuals like Ann Coulter have given up the right to be taken seriously.

There are many of you that are arguing that sharing the video and writing about Ann Coulter is only growing her platform from which to express her hatred of Mexicans. I, however, still believe that many of you, no matter from what political spectrum you hail from, are decent human beings that may have the exact opposite beliefs that I hold true, but are nonetheless decent enough to express them without hate.

Ann Coulter clearly hates Mexicans and it has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with racist views deeply engrained within her being.

Rather than hide her hatred it must be exposed everywhere so everyone can understand what drives her and her political rhetoric. For that reason, everyone should take two minutes of their lives to see what racism is like today. I warn you, it is utterly hateful.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Ann Coulter: Racism At Its Most Extreme”

  1. This nut does not represent the GOP, maybe lunatics in general.

    She talks this trash because she believes her sarcasm is advant garde. Plus it does earn her a nice check. She is the whites answer to Al sharpton. They should form a radical company to make money by keeping open sores from healing.

    I wouldn’t take one of her books if they were free or attend any of her events. She and Sharpton turn my stomach.

    But let’s forget the race baiter so in our own culture, even here in El Paso.

    I have to say this is one of the few countries where people enter a country without permission, yet receive multiple benefits and protest iin the streets without fear. I would like to see that happen in Mexico even by its own citizens. Not likely to happen.

    While I despise coulter, I despise her Mexican counterparts.

  2. Ann Coulter is a shock and awe lawyer trying to sell ideas and books. I wouldn’t say she is a racist, cause culture is not perceived as racism. I would say she feels threatened by open borders and an out-of-control government and corporatocracy, and I agree with that. Racists always point out other racists, which makes a society weak and pathetically ignorant. I try to understand the point of view by anybody, no matter how objectionable the person or that person’s view is, and learn from that to promote that which benefits my life and others. I’m rather tired of the blame game, but I always like to expose criminal behavior that obviously destroys a community. A culture that allows criminal behavior and quid pro quo by politicians and corporateers and law enforcement gone wild describes all of the Americas from south to north, and I find it disgusting.

  3. because culture is not perceived as racism
    That depends on who you talk to. For the Lilly Limon La Razas of the world, American culture is racist but somehow they get by with millions of illegal immigrants being OK. Maybe they think that, if they can “brown” the country, then they can control it. Of course, that is not a racist sentiment in their small minds but a majority white (and legal) citizenry is.

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