Today I share with you a parody video about the destruction of El Paso through a public policy agenda relying on an unsustainable tax policy. This video is in the tradition of the old radio programs of Philip Marlow, private eye. I was first introduced to English through that radio show program and therefore I felt it was appropriate as the basis for my latest video installment.

I have been neglectful in addressing the many comments, both on my blog and via messages sent to me directly with suggestions and comments about the videos. I appreciate all of your suggestions and as I get more comfortable with the videos, I will incorporate your thoughtful suggestions into them.

I hope you enjoy the third El Paso News Blog video. As always, your comments and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

One reply on “Another Video Installment: How To Destroy a City”

  1. We are on the “Eve of Destruction”.

    Taxes and massive debt will eventually destroy El Paso. These officials are like a gambling addict. Keeps getting in deeper debt by playing one more hand because he feels a hot streak. City and County government keep telling us the same thing, one more project and we’ll win.

    I am beginning to think that El Paso has become a semi war zone with all these areas that have been dug up and demolished and stay that way. Who in the heck developed these contracts. Planning is a disaster. Digging up streets and leaving for weeks, leaving only cones. Is that what passes for street repairs ? They told us about a week ago that I-10 will be closed for the overpass so use Mesa st. Oh great, take a drive on Mesa. Cones everywhere and no one working. Except, get this. Instead of finishing the streets to alleviate traffic, they decide to dig up the mediums. Sections of the mediums without crews. Thst contract should be good for at least six months. Has it ever occurred to anyone that when you dig a major traffic artery, the crews should work round the clock ? These contracts are 8-5 with weekends and holidays off !

    Taxes, surcharges, fees, bond and certificates of obligation. What’s next ? Or have you run out labels for taking our money? A couple of weeks ago when we started catching a break at the gas pump, what does the county propose? You got it “let’s raise taxes since the people are paying less for gas ! No offense, but this worse than paying alimony. You get an extra job to cover the alimony and what does the court do, increase the alimony.

    And spending is stupid as can be. Close to a million to renovate ONE trolley. No mention of the installation of tracks, overhead electric wires and transformers. Didn’t it occur to anyone that the trolleys were removed for a reason? And what’s the pitch? Tourists will hundreds of miles to travel a few block on a trolley. Really believe that? Ever hear the commercial “Rice a Roni, clang-clang, the San Francisco treat” ? What will El Paso have, ” Chicos a running, fart-fart, the El Paso treat”.

    Then the geniuses decide that if we install a super sized flat screen, tourist will flock to the city? Then we discover that dirty hands cause the flat screen to crash. The other problem, if we can’t afford a toilet at the plaza so the people can hang out. How can we afford a sink and paper towels at the flat screen.

    Change the name of the Placita to Iraq-Afghanistan wars memorial. That’s what it looks like for over a year. Paint yellow foot steps to poop alley, so people know where to go.

    Subscribing to the idea that the way to get out of debt is to get deeper in debt, that’s beyond me. Btw, I know a couple of loan sharks. At the rate we’re going city and county will all have leg casts for failure to make payments.

    Help ! I have been taxed and I can’t get up!

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