For some time now, I have written numerous articles showing you how Veronica Escobar and cohorts work behind the scenes for political gain to the detriment of the community. Do not get me wrong, I understand that the game of politics is fraught with the hypocrisy of don’t do as I do but rather do as I say. What grates me the most about Veronica Escobar and cohorts is the notion they have cultivated over the years that they want nothing more than good governance. In reality, though, is that they want to dominate politics for their own selfish purposes.

There are many times that I feel like Don Quixote forever chasing windmills and never conquering them.

There are those that agree with me and then there are those that dream about the day that I stop writing my blogs. In between those two extremes are the rest of you who like to read but question every assertion I make. I embrace that and encourage you to continue to do so.

That is why I noticed when an unlikely source validated some of what I have been writing for a long time now.

As you know there is a political battle underway between the University Medical Center and the El Paso Children’s Hospital. I have contended before and continue to believe that the El Paso Children’s Hospital was created to siphon money from the taxpayers without oversight. I believe that the children’s hospital is one peg, out of many, that allows certain officials to move taxpayer monies around to fund a public policy agenda. One of the architects, out of many, is Veronica Escobar.

What I believe is happening is that the economic model has never been sustainable and now that money is short the politicians are looking for cover as the inevitable tax increases are implemented. Both UMC and the children’s hospital want the same thing but the politicians want one to take the fall to keep their political futures intact while keeping the taxpayer funding the public policy agenda that is underway.

The problem for Veronica Escobar is that egos have gotten in the way and the scapegoats have rebelled leaving us all witnesses a public fight to keep secrets. Therefore, I do not believe that one group has the best interests of the taxpayers on their mind but rather the egos got in the way and no one wants to be the target of the taxpayers’ wrath.

That said I found William Hanson’s December 6, 2014 letter to Veronica Escobar in response to her call for him to step down as Chair of the Board of the University Medical Center interesting.

Hanson did not mince words and he quickly got to the crux of the matter and let Escobar know that he is on to her political shenanigans. The following excerpt from his letter specifically points out what I have been writing about Veronica Escobar for some time now.

“I will say this, Judge Escobar, your kind of behind the scenes political intrigue and intimidation have done more to harm UMC, more to harm the Children’s/UMC relationship and more to harm our relationship and the quality of trust with the court than any other single factor.” [emphasis mine] Hanson further added, “I think the average citizen is frankly fed up with political malarkey. We need and want politicians who exercise genuine leadership, who use their intelligence and oratory skills in a positive way, who educate and inform rather than insinuate and manipulate, and who move the process forward and build rather than destroy. We need leaders who lead from a positive stance. We don’t need or deserve politicians who operate in the back, tweeting incessantly and sending inflammatory emails, all the while acting with the direct or indirect intent to manipulate and force events to their advantage.” [emphasis mine]

Veronica Escobar will tell you that she is for open, transparent and good government however, at the same time she manipulates the process behind the scenes. Normally we do not get to be privy to the behind-the-scenes manipulations because like in all conspiracies the players keep each other in check to keep the goal within reach. Sometimes, though, the egos get in the way and we get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes manipulations.

Keep the words written by William Hanson in mind as you see how Susie Byrd is being paid to manage the information about the economics of the El Paso Children’s Hospital and other things, like the hiring of the County’s new administrator as they continue to develop.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

4 replies on “Veronica Escobar and Good Governance”

  1. “El Paso Children’s Hospital was created to siphon money from the taxpayers…”
    Is that any different from the ball park? As for Vero, she certainly has a voluptuous figure. I wonder what it’d be like in the sack with her? Could she forget politics long enough to enjoy the moment? You know what anglos say about those Mexican gals: the jewelry is fake but the orgasms are real 🙂

  2. Absolutely disgusting, she is not appealing at all. Ostrich type body !

    No personality, even her fake smiles leave you feeling violated. Condescending and closet arrogance. She is typical of El Paso politicians. No decision or policy forumulated until she is sure it tightens her grip on power. Her lap dog, with outdated suspenders, has been well trained by her to emulate her behavior. He has become a skinny Escobar with pants.

    Wonder if he likes gob mint cheese.

  3. She studied English at NYU. English! What a waste of a great education. Did anyone ever see that mistletoe kiss with the white guy…odd…very odd.

  4. The comments are absolutely funny, but the seriousness of how these people, like VE, Susie Byrd, and the many other progressives who regard to Fascist means to run government. Where do they get all of this money in the first place, and who order the initial proposals and bid proposals to create monstrosities like the downtown stadium, Childrens Hospital and the many satellite clinics they have forced on the public. The administrator that is given a very hefty salary, and what ever other position that has vague duties attached seem to be commonplace. How much bonding to these commissioners and judge have…can a person take their bonds for violation of the duties? How many managers are in office that are getting special perks for finding federal grants or state grants that violate the constitution and the public trust, basically because the amount is enticing and bribing? Governments local, state, and federal are corporations that violate anti-trust laws, but they get exempt. As a result, they can compete with private businesses and force them out of business through tax increases. I despise all forms of government using any kind of judiciary that opposes the Magna Carta or the Constitution de Jure. In other words, V. Escobar, Susie Byrd, Commissioners, Reps, Mayor, and all the judges and managers are accomplices to a fascism, bribery, and criminal misconduct that is reflective of the mob.

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