Last week it was revealed by various news sources that Cortney Niland had missed numerous Central Appraisal District meetings. On September 22, 2014, I published “Niland and the Central Appraisal District”. In it, I showed you how Niland had attended less than 20% of the meetings she was eligible to attend at the CAD. At least two media interviews had her stating that she had resigned her appointment two months ago. Cortney Niland lied to the news media.

In a September 22, 2014 quote by David Crowder in the El Paso Inc., Niland is quoted as stating, “she notified Leeser of her resignation two months ago”. Niland adds that she “had to resign, given all of the duties and obligations that have been given to” her. [1] Accepting her quote as an honest explanation, on her part, then it would make sense that Niland resigned sometime in July. Niland is also quoted in the El Paso Times as stating the same thing two days before. Niland is quoted by Diana Washington Valdez on September 18 as stating that she resigned “two months ago”. [2]

Reading the two quotes it is clear that Cortney Niland is stating that she had resigned in July and had properly notified the mayor. The question, though, is whether she resigned as she has stated or she told the news media a lie in order to avoid answering to the electorate.

I am regularly taken to task by some readers especially when I write about Niland’s credibility. My September 22, 2014 article elicited various emails and one comment on my blog post. All of them asserted that I was writing “hit pieces on Niland” for various reasons, but mainly because I was dishonest. I had submitted an open records request to the city asking for a copy of Cortney Niland’s resignation letter or document.

Late last week, I received a copy of an email Cortney Niland sent to the mayor letting him know she was quitting the CAD. Aha, some of you are likely proclaiming as you read this; here is the proof that Niland is telling the truth.

Not so fast. Cortney Niland did not resign two months ago as she was quoted in the news media. As a matter of fact, Cortney Niland sent an email to Oscar Leeser on August 13, 2014. She copied Taylor Moreno and Ann Morgan Lilly in the email. Remember that Cortney Niland was appointed on March 8, 2014 for a second term to the Central Appraisal District. This is after she had missed almost all of the meetings since her initial appointment on May 7, 2013.

Although Niland resigned in August, it was not two months ago as she told the news media. Obviously, she was attempting to create a public record beneficial to future political pontificating about how she is trying to safeguard the taxpayers of the city.

According to her resignation email, Niland resigned because the “time is proving to be a continual problem” for her. She also added that “as school and football are starting back up” she is “concerned” she “won’t be able to meet the demands of both”. Niland also indicated that Larry Romero was “very interested in serving” as an appointee.

As always, the news media is complicit in allowing certain politicians the leeway they need to create the public record that benefits their political futures. It took a simple open records request to ascertain Niland’s dishonesty about the date of her resignation. No news outlet has reported that she lied about her date of resignation just like they have allowed her to keep the notion in place that she has missed “half” the meetings, or only a “few” when, in fact, she has missed the vast majority of them.

Today, city council is expected to make its first non-governmental appointment. Jerry Romero is on the agenda to be appointed to the Central Appraisal District. Romero has been the VP/Community Development Officer for Wells Fargo Bank El Paso, NA since June of 2000.

As for Niland, the question everyone else should be asking himself or herself is what else she has lied about to you.


1. “Chamber: Change who serves on CAD board”; Crowder, David; September 22, 2014; El Paso, Inc.
2. “Judge names new El Paso Central Appraisal District review board to decide protests”; Valdez, Diana; September 18, 2014; El Paso Times

Martin Paredes

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One reply on “Cortney Niland Lied to News Media About CAD”

  1. Martin,

    If I wrote a gotcha post about every politician I didn’t like that threw out a vague number…. Well, it would be a 24 hour a day job and I would a year behind.

    Niland said two months and it was a month and a few days. It is not like she said “61 days ago”.

    The fact is that you and Niland agree – she should have been to more meetings and she resigned because she couldn’t make it.

    It looks petty and juvenile when you start trying to nail people on what amounts to the difference of saying “a couple” vs. “a few”.

    Since you are not this picky with other members of council and are given dozens of opportunities to be, it looks like you are just publishing hit pieces on Niland.

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