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Opinion: The 2022 Elections Are About The Downtown Sports Arena

As a reminder: the words in blue are links to articles that provide more context to the topic. The upcoming 2022 elections are not only very important to the nation and to Texas, but they are even more important to El Paso’s taxpayers. The national importance is obviously the control of Congress as the Republicans […]

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No Somos Twin Cities Says Managing Editor

Antonio Garza, the Managing Editor for the tabloid ElBridge, articulated in Spanglish the whitewashing of El Paso rather well. In the Spring 2003 issue published by the Bridge Center for Contemporary Art, Garza writes that “in this climate of changes, deberiamos aclarar ciertas cosas, about who where we’re at, so to speak.” Garza goes on […]

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The Beto Plan for President

Yesterday, the El Paso Times once again inserted itself into politics to “correct” the record for one of its protected politicos at the behest of the El Paso cabal who have plans for El Paso’s future. The paper ran a full-length story about how a video by the Club for Growth, a Conservative SuperPAC, was […]

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Special Report: Who Funds Journalism At El Paso Matters And Why It Matters

Funding of nonprofit newspapers began to takeoff around 2016, although nonprofit news has existed for decades. The new revenue model of creating news reports from gifts has raised questions about the ethics of producing news from donations. “The ethics of taking grants from foundations and gifts from donors to produce news is still evolving and […]

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It’s the Emails Dummy

During the controversy over the El Paso ballpark there were many rumors about impropriety. Many were true and others were wrong. One of the longest running controversies involved the improper election interference benefiting Steve Ortega’s run for mayor. Ortega lost. However, the election subterfuge with the bond monies for the ballpark cost the taxpayers of […]