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El Paso Police Misconduct Video

Advertisements Yesterday, a reader posted a video on our Facebook El Paso Digest group page sharing a video from The Real News Network (TRNN). The reader said that the family “needs help” and the journalist in the video asks that the video be shared to help the teenage daughter and father in the video. According […]

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Former El Paso Non-Profit Leader Involved In Portland Police Oversight Controversy

Advertisements After a contentious city council meeting, the city’s auditor warned that neither she nor her staff will appear before city council again. The auditor decried “personal attacks” from a council member during the recent budget work session where policy oversight was discussed. In January 2015, Mary Hull Caballero was sworn in as Portland’s city […]

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The Ongoing Saga Of The Limon Police Report

Advertisements As El Paso Politics reported on Saturday, an alleged police report was filed by Dora Oaxaca and Isela Castañon-Williams against Lily Limón (corrected at on June 29, 2021 at 10:47E) for an alleged assault against Oaxaca. We have been diligently trying to obtain a copy of the police report. However, according to Lily Limón, […]

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The El Paso Safe City Lie

Advertisements El Paso government officials for years have argued that El Paso is one of the safest cities in America, notwithstanding years of drug violence in its sister city, Cd. Juárez. El Paso officials routinely use the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to tout the safest city designation, although the FBI states that the […]

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The Racist History Of The Thin Blue Line

Advertisements By Martin Paredes, Special to the El Paso News. The Thin Blue Line was a 1952 television show about the Los Angeles Police Department. It was conceived and produced by William H. Parker, the then Los Angeles police chief. The show, which lasted for a short time, was a question and answer show about […]

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El Paso Is Lawless

Advertisements Impunity is when the judicial system breaks down. The legal system can break down in several ways. It can simply cease to exist. Its foundation becomes corrupted, Or, like in El Paso it becomes corrupt by simply allowing two legal systems to exist. One system incarcerates the poor while the other system coddles the […]