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How Public Manipulation Works

Massaging the public message is what useful idiots are tasked to do. Their job is to create illusions of reality in support of official propaganda to give the impression that the lie is the truth. I once heard someone say that there are two truths; the truth and the perception of the truth. I am […]

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Clearing Up Disinformation on the Open Records

As is the modus operandi of those trying to hide in darkness, the truth about the open records request has been distorted in the public consciousness by useful idiots and a complicit news media. It is obvious that the distortion is designed to silence those trying to shine transparency on government. As much as the […]

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Typically the News Media Gets it Wrong Again

As is typical with the local El Paso media, today’s reporting about the ongoing release of emails is incomplete and haphazard leaving the community with incomplete or erroneous information. As I am out of town I rely on the media’s online presence in order to remain informed of the ongoing political shenanigans in El Paso. […]

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Three Items for the New City Council

The voters have clearly spoken and given Oscar Leeser a mandate. Although it is extremely difficult to jump from being a candidate to actually assuming office, unfortunately the new administration has to immediately take action to both allay the fears of the electorate and restore trust in the city government. As difficult as it may […]