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Ostracizing Michael Rodriguez Part 4

Note: This concludes the four-part series. If you like, you can download the entire essay as an Ebook by scrolling to the bottom of this page. It started out as a case of two men kissing at the Chico’s Tacos restaurant on June 29, 2009 that mushroomed into a citywide debate about gay rights. By […]

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The Culture of Corruption: Dana Pittard

I have written numerous times how there permeates a culture of corruption within El Paso. Most of you are familiar with the numerous government officials that plead guilty or were convicted under the Poisoned Pawns operation by the FBI. I have also tried to explain that corruption is not simply exchanging money for favoritism. Corruption […]

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The Miguel Fernandez DWI Arrest

As I have been showing you for a number of years, there are two classes of people in El Paso. You have the well-connected individuals that receive special treatment from law enforcement and the judiciary and the rest of the citizens. Ann Morgan Lilly is an example of the special class of citizen. As you […]

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Guess Who is Getting the Conquistador Award

Guess who is getting the Conquistador Award tomorrow? If you guessed Ann Morgan Lilly, you are absolutely correct. The dubious award will be given to her during the city council’s “recognitions” portion of the agenda. Normally receiving an award is a time of celebration, especially for a long-serving outgoing politician. An award is usually an […]

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The El Paso Culture of Hiding Dirty Laundry

Anyone that has any basic understanding of dealing with the personal issues of drug addiction, alcohol abuse or dealing with weight or health problems because of over eating, understands that the first step in the recovery process is acknowledging that there is a problem. Acknowledging that a problem exists requires verbalizing the problem in order […]

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Stephanie Townsend Allala is Owed an Apology

All those that argued that Stephanie Townsend Allala’s quest for government transparency was wrong owe her an apology. This is especially true of the El Paso Times masquerading as a newspaper who did not understand that allowing the Steve Ortega’s of the world to hide government records through legal subterfuge goes against the very fabric […]

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The F Factor

Those that have followed El Paso elections for any amount of time knows that the results for Saturday’s election has already been determined. No, it is not because someone manipulated the election results but rather because El Paso elections are generally determined during the early voting period. At about 7:00 pm on Saturday, when the […]

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Revisiting El Paso’s Domestic Partners Issue

A reader sent me an interesting comment this weekend about El Paso’s Domestic Partner’s issue. The reader, which asked to remain anonymous, pointed out that now that the US Supreme Court has ruled on the gay issue, the protected group that the El Paso domestic partners initiative catered to is no longer necessary. If you […]

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Holding Government Accountable Is Impossible

The problem with holding government accountable is the games government plays to delay or impede accountability. Constituents can ask questions or demand accountability but the politicians game the system in order to keep the shenanigans in play. The understanding is that government is accountable and transparent while the reality is another thing altogether. This is […]