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Another AMENDMENT to the UPDATE of The revolution came to my front door

Advertisements Another amendment: The more I read articles and see photographs from the continued demonstrations of protest of the asphyxiation and other killings, I feel compelled to amend my hopeful writing below.  Sadly, the effort to completely dominate our community and discouragement, if not suppression, of our rights to assemble and seek redress includes all […]

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Why Small Businesses Matter In Shutdown Order

Advertisements County Judge Ricardo Samaniego extended the non-essential business shutdown order through December 1 yesterday. Although El Paso police are now enforcing the shutdown order within the city limits there remains the unequal treatment of businesses being forced to close. This is why it matters. The dialog is generally that health and safety trumps business […]

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El Chuco Electoral Committee Announcement

Advertisements The following editorial was submitted by Xavier Miranda. My name is Xavier Miranda, and I am the new Chair of the DSA of El Chuco Electoral Committee. I am reaching out to folks considering political office or affecting change through legislation. While many of us are justifiably disillusioned with the electoral process, given the […]

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The Grand Jury Investigation of Jaime Esparza – Part 2 Of A 3 Part Special Report

Advertisements Author’s note: This is the second of a three-part series looking into how Jaime Esparza handled capital murder cases and why it may have led to a political whisper campaign against the current district attorney. In today’s issue we look at why Jaime Esparza was investigated by a grand jury. Jaime Esparza: “They have […]

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County To Discuss Immigration Contract

Advertisements Today, county commissioners will be holding their first meeting of 2021. The Commissioners Court is made up of four county commissioners and the county judge. There is a new county commissioner, Iliana Holguin, who will be attending her first meeting. Holguin defeated Vince Perez in last year’s elections. She is also an immigration attorney. […]