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Stadium for El Paso; Hand out the gas masks to mask the stench of corruption

Nothing the El Paso elite do any more surprises me but the stench of corruption just gets stronger each day. City Council’s latest ploy to get the community to fund the playgrounds for the rich is the latest round of stadium talk. City Council, in their limited ability to understand that they are just puppets […]

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The El Paso Forum is Back!

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, todays amigos are tomorrow’s enemies. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. I could go on and on with clichés that all end up with the fact that politics is just about the dirtiest and grimiest endeavor anyone can get involved in. […]

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Wikileaks and STRATFOR: Mexican/Israeli/Russian/Georgian Conspiracy and Mexican Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), oh and sexual shenanigans

As some of you already know and for the edification of those that do not, some of the most significant things that interest me are technology, international intrigue and Mexican geopolitics. So when Anonymous accessed and Wikileaks started publishing internal emails from the private intelligence firm STRATFOR, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands […]

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Criminalizing Democracy

As if the recent events across the world, especially last week in England, were not enough to demonstrate to the establishment that Democracy demands more than lip-service from politicians but, rather actual action when it comes to safe-guarding the people’s right for redress before the government, up comes; El Paso District Attorney, Jaime Esparza, to […]

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Trial to set off fireworks, precedents

The Judge Arditti trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 2nd, yet the fireworks have already begun to go off. The defense has filed a motion with the judge hearing the case for him to maintain impartiality, which is like accusing the judge of being bias, or favoring one side. The judge has yet to respond to the motion. Beginning […]

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Happy New Year!

Robert Ruiz, El Paso Metro Well, the Sun shines upon the Sun Bowl in 2001 and El Paso greets 2002 with strong optimism.  The shock of 911 is wearing off and in its stead remains vigilance, patriotism and resolve that it never happen again.  Talk of taxes recedes and dialogue about the future of the […]