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Murder-Suicide on January 6 Further Exposes Safest City Lie

Yesterday’s alleged murder-suicide further exposes the city’s lie about the safest city in the nation. A lie that continues to be perpetuated by El Paso leaders in its continued attempt to put lipstick on the pig that is El Paso. It is a lie that was repeated at yesterday’s city council meeting by Larry Romero. […]

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City Incompetence on Display with San Jacinto

The ongoing bathroom debacle at the San Jacinto Park clearly demonstrates a dysfunctional El Paso city government. As if the fact that restrooms aren’t important enough for the focal point of the much-touted downtown revitalization project the excuses after excuses mounted by the dysfunctional city council betrays the utter stupidity that drives city government. The […]

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Weather Alerts for January 22, 2015

The following are weather alerts being sent out by the city. I’ll update this page as new ones are sent out. (Last updated at 17:25 ET) The City/County Emergency Management is monitoring the weather situation and working closely with City, County, State and School District officials. Currently, the only closures are Transmountain and Scenic Drive. […]

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The Courts of Inquiry and El Paso Public Corruption

The following is a guest post by Judge Richard A. Roman “When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that gets trampled” – African proverb. “A sitting Texas judge faces a rare court of inquiry reviewing allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in a 25 year jail sentence before the defendant was exonerated.”  (National Public Radio). “Today, a […]

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A Simple Solution to Municipal Identification Cards

Today I want to clear up some misconceptions about the municipal identification cards and their ties to immigration issues. As expected, those opposed to the municipal identification cards have tied the issue directly to immigration, while the proponents to the identification cards have tried their best to keep immigration out of the equation. The problem […]

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City Incompetence Demonstrated by the Website

In typically El Paso fashion, stupidity reigns in all aspects of government. This time it is the city’s website. The folks over at the ElPasoSpeaks blog pointed out the other day how the city’s website has been redesigned and the new version launched with problems. The problem, though, is that the website doesn’t work. I […]

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Luther Jones and The Forma Group

Before the FBI investigation into public corruption became public, a growing political faction within El Paso led by Eliot Shapleigh decried how Luther Jones ran candidate slates. As you all know Luther Jones is currently in prison for public corruption. Shapleigh’s “click” as some referred to the group was comprised by Susie Byrd, Veronica Escobar, […]

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City Payments to Outside Law Firms

The recent public debacle between city council and the city attorney’s office led me to file open records requests asking for information for amounts paid to outside law firms for legal work for the city. As expected, the largest expenditure paid by the taxpayers to outside law firms involves the issue regarding emails and open […]