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Teen Vandals Caught On Security Video

Advertisements On Friday October 15, 2021 teen vandals broke into a home in far-east El Paso at around 2am. They were caught on security tape. The home builder is seeking information about the suspects. Anyone with information please contact the El Paso Police Department at 915-834-4400. The owners of the model home, Maravilla Homes, can […]

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Police Chief Greg Allen Disciplined for Incident Involving Minors, Sending One to Hospital

Advertisements On June 30, 2020, several community activists called for the resignation of El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen. The latest call for Allen’s removal comes after police abuse protests across the nation erupted in recent months. In 2015, an El Paso police officer shot and killed Erik Salas-Sanchez, a mentally ill individual. Border Network […]

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Three persons assaulted across from Pride Square in Downtown El Paso on December 25th (developing story).

Advertisements By Miguel Juarez, Editor, El Paso News A post recently went out on Instagram stating: “Warning!! Graphic content” and it had an image of a badly bruised man in his hospital bed after a beating on in the garage north of Pride Square in Downtown El Paso on December 25th.   Displaying an unsettling image […]

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Did Carlos Gallinar Buy News Coverage From Bob Moore

Advertisements The online publication El Paso Matters was launched in February by former El Paso Times editor, Bob Moore. According to the Matters website, it holds itself to the “standards of editorial independence by the Institute for Nonprofit News.” The Institute for Nonprofit News asks that its members separate the decision to report on news […]

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Remembering Mercedes

Advertisements Cover photo courtesy of Kalandra Monarez “You’re a girl. You’re going to be a girl one day. That’s what she told me.” Kalandra Monarez fondly reminisces on memories of Mercedes DeMarco. It’s a warm Saturday afternoon and Kalandra and I are video conferencing and talking about the mark Mercedes left in her life and […]