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Opinion: Introducing The Political Gossip Corner

Advertisements As the runup to the next election intensifies, the rumormongering around political operatives intensifies among the politicos. These include who is planning on running, who is not running and who has been dissuaded from running for office. Politicians are counseled on when to run and for what office to run for. These conversations are […]

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Plan El Paso

Advertisements In 2011, Plan El Paso was awarded the Smart Growth award as a model for making cities more compact. Smart growth has being dubbed as the future of America’s urban cities. However, smart growth has a flaw that proponents tend to ignore. Smart growth works by displacing poorer neighborhoods to make way for redeveloping […]

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An Opinion Editorial: The El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) RMS-MTP Draft Plan

Advertisements By Miguel Juárez For years, we were told that impending changes for Interstate 10 were merely concepts. With the availability of funding, officials are closer to having these concepts become realities.  Agenda Item #2 at the Friday, September 17th meeting of the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) seeks to “discuss and approve the […]

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No Somos Twin Cities Says Managing Editor

Advertisements Antonio Garza, the Managing Editor for the tabloid ElBridge, articulated in Spanglish the whitewashing of El Paso rather well. In the Spring 2003 issue published by the Bridge Center for Contemporary Art, Garza writes that “in this climate of changes, deberiamos aclarar ciertas cosas, about who where we’re at, so to speak.” Garza goes […]

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The Beto Plan for President

Advertisements Yesterday, the El Paso Times once again inserted itself into politics to “correct” the record for one of its protected politicos at the behest of the El Paso cabal who have plans for El Paso’s future. The paper ran a full-length story about how a video by the Club for Growth, a Conservative SuperPAC, […]