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This “Winterfest” thing at San Jacinto Plaza

By Alberto Rivas This “Winterfest” thing at San Jacinto Plaza – well, let’s just call it what it is, an attack on Christmas.  It’s the social trend these days: wokeism, and El Paso is all about the latest trends, isn’t it.  “Oh, it’s just about inclusion,” they’ll say.  No, it is not.  “Winterfest” – a […]

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The Art of Resistance: EP JO-TX

“Black trans women were at the forefront of queer liberation,” says Joshua Enrique Lerma co-designer of EP JOTX, a new queer grassroots movement created with collaborator Pico del Hierro-Villa. Pride was rooted in activism and creating an alternative queer space in El Paso to discuss borderland LGBTQIA+ issues became a priority for Joshua and Pico […]

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The First Undocumented Immigrants Built El Paso

Because of the railroad expansion across the nation, in 1881 El Paso grew from a small town – a stop along the way to the west – into a regional transportation hub. Its predominant Mexican American demography started to diversify. Because of the railroad, El Paso’s economy grew significantly resulting in immigrants settling in the […]

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Paid Protestors in El Paso Today

As you know, I oppose Donald Trump’s administration because of the hate he has expressed towards Mexicans. However, there is a difference between protesting to point out an issue and being paid to protest. Protesting is supposed to be about expressing your opinion on a subject matter out of concern for the issue and not […]

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O’Rourke and Margo and the Culture of Corruption

I have written numerous times about the culture of corruption that permeates through El Paso. It is a mindset that embraces corruption and discourages honesty in business and in politics. As I have written previously, the El Paso economy is fully dependent on government largess. As such, there is no incentive for honest politics in […]

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A Short History of the Struggle by Hispanics for Representation at the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education

by Fernando Florez, September 1, 2021 What happened following the end of the Texas Revolution in 1836 when Anglos and Tejanos defeated Mexico has been recounted to many of us with deep Texas roots mainly by word of mouth through generations. Emigrants from the United States swarmed into the state and became the majority and dominant […]