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This “Winterfest” thing at San Jacinto Plaza

By Alberto Rivas This “Winterfest” thing at San Jacinto Plaza – well, let’s just call it what it is, an attack on Christmas.  It’s the social trend these days: wokeism, and El Paso is all about the latest trends, isn’t it.  “Oh, it’s just about inclusion,” they’ll say.  No, it is not.  “Winterfest” – a […]

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Guest Article: The Union Station District As An Alternative For The Multipurpose Downtown Arena

Editor’s note: The Dallas firm of Claurus Visum Consulting Services reached out to us with a proposal to relocate the controversial Duranguito downtown sports arena to the Union Station District. What follows is their proposed alternative site to the so-called Duranguito arena site. In this guest article, Claurus Visum Consulting Services makes its argument as […]

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The Art of Resistance: EP JO-TX

“Black trans women were at the forefront of queer liberation,” says Joshua Enrique Lerma co-designer of EP JOTX, a new queer grassroots movement created with collaborator Pico del Hierro-Villa. Pride was rooted in activism and creating an alternative queer space in El Paso to discuss borderland LGBTQIA+ issues became a priority for Joshua and Pico […]

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The First Undocumented Immigrants Built El Paso

Because of the railroad expansion across the nation, in 1881 El Paso grew from a small town – a stop along the way to the west – into a regional transportation hub. Its predominant Mexican American demography started to diversify. Because of the railroad, El Paso’s economy grew significantly resulting in immigrants settling in the […]

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Paid Protestors in El Paso Today

As you know, I oppose Donald Trump’s administration because of the hate he has expressed towards Mexicans. However, there is a difference between protesting to point out an issue and being paid to protest. Protesting is supposed to be about expressing your opinion on a subject matter out of concern for the issue and not […]