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History Shows That El Paso City Council Recall Petitions Always Fail – Here Is Why

Advertisements Most recently, a recall signature drive was launched against Joe Molinar after the city council reprimanded him for harassing a female city staff member. The recall of Molinar failed after the deadline to submit the required signatures passed without signatures being submitted. Last week a notice of intent to recall Cassandra Hernandez was filed […]

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The Last Time Gentrification Was Stopped By The Viejitos – Medina’s Terrorists

Advertisements Today, many in El Paso know and sometimes discuss the ongoing friction between public policy agendas for economic development and protecting neighborhoods. The narratives include Segundo Barrio, The Glass Beach Study, Duranguito and the controversy over the 2012 Quality of Life sports arena. The book Who Rules El Paso? argues that an oligarchy composed […]

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Analysis of City Election Runoffs Since 1998

Advertisements Oscar Leeser and Dee Margo are headed towards a runoff election sometime in December. Runoff elections are scheduled 45 days after the votes ae canvassed. In addition to the Leeser-Margo runoff there are also runoffs between Alexsandra Annello being challenged by Miriam Gutierrez. In District 4, Joe Molina will face off against Sam Morgan. […]

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Deconstructing El Paso’s Identity Crisis

Advertisements El Paso has a cultural identity crisis. It is Mexican and then it is not. Why this exists can be traced back to two realities. The first is that El Paso, unlike many other binational communities along the U.S.-México border, is a metroplex that is visible to each other. The international border that divides […]

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