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Jaime Abeytia’s Blog Removed

On the afternoon of September 29, 2022, Jaime Abeytia’s blog suddenly went dark. Instead of blog posts, visitors to the blog received the message that the “blog has been removed.” There has been much speculation about the sudden disappearance of the Abeytia blog, with some suggesting it has been removed and Jaime Abeytia arguing that […]

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David Adams And The Politics of El Paso

El Paso politics never disappoint with whisper campaigns and political operatives trying to outdo themselves. Although Democrats generally prevail in the city’s elections, the Republicans also have their own political power plays. Case in point is the County Commissioners race for Precinct 4 on the Republican ticket. Vying to challenge incumbent Carl Robinson, should he […]

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Special Report: Dora Oaxaca And El Paso Matters Orchestrating False Narratives To Keep Duranguito As Location For Sports Arena

As readers may remember, the city council – with newly elected city representatives taking their seats for the first time – voted to remove the controversial site of the proposed sports arena that targeted the Duranguito community. Max Grossman and members of the Paso del Sur group celebrated their long-fought victory in moving the proposed […]

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Political Quickbytes

I am so engrossed in the ongoing political shenanigans that often times I do not realize how little important information trickles down to everyday people. It seems that voters are too focused on providing for their families and being part of their families that they have little time to follow the complex world of politics. […]

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El Paso July 2020 Primary Results

El Pasoans cast votes in the 2020 Primary runoff elections last night. Two incumbents were unseated. Two Republicans and six Democrats were running for a spot in the upcoming November elections. Unofficial final results show that in the two Republican seats, Irene Armendariz-Jackson (65.48%) beat Sam Williams (34.52%) for the U.S. Representative District 16 race. […]