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Another Political Consulting Firm Formed In El Paso – Vince Perez Is A Partner

Over several weeks there have been persistent rumors that several individuals, including a former elected official had formed a political consulting firm in El Paso. It was assumed that it was Politico Campaigns that was the company that was being organized. As we reported previously, Eddie Holguin, Lily Limón and I formed Politico Campaigns last […]

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Cissy Lizarraga And Campaign Financing in El Paso

The current city representative for District 8, Cecilia “Cissy” Lizarraga, is having a fundraiser and reception on April 28. Lizarraga’s term ends on January 3, 2023. According to the latest financial reports filed on January 13, 2021, Lizarraga has $3,265.23 left in her campaign funds and an outstanding loan for $10,000. Lizarraga was first elected […]

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All Roads Lead To Rick Armendariz

Last month, the El Paso Politics connected the secretive mailout being sent to El Paso voters in support of the incumbent candidates to a local political firm named the Forma Group. The Forma Group is a political consulting group that has been involved in several political campaigns and controversies. According to a 2008 presentation the […]

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The Political Boss Of El Paso

The May 1, 1908, letter to the editor succinctly stated what El Pasoans had been whispering about for years: “it is true that Henry Kelly” was the “political boss of El Paso.” The letter continued with Kelly “will see to it that all” Black votes and “Mexican votes that he can control” will go the […]

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Bob Moore And The 2022 Elections

Last year El Paso Politics published several articles about the rise of El Paso Hispanic’s political engagement in the 1990’s and the creation of a leadership group designed to empower Latinos more politically. As readers may have observed, El Paso Hispanics, although most of the population, wield little political power in the community because various […]

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Special Report: Who Funds Journalism At El Paso Matters And Why It Matters

Funding of nonprofit newspapers began to takeoff around 2016, although nonprofit news has existed for decades. The new revenue model of creating news reports from gifts has raised questions about the ethics of producing news from donations. “The ethics of taking grants from foundations and gifts from donors to produce news is still evolving and […]

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Forma Group to Get Competition

Anyone that follows El Paso politics knows that there is only one campaign consulting and management company in town. It is an open secret in El Paso that to get support from the wealthy members of the city, you need to work with the Forma Group. It isn’t like Forma connects the candidates to the […]