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Bob Moore And The 2022 Elections

Advertisements Last year El Paso Politics published several articles about the rise of El Paso Hispanic’s political engagement in the 1990’s and the creation of a leadership group designed to empower Latinos more politically. As readers may have observed, El Paso Hispanics, although most of the population, wield little political power in the community because […]

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Did Carlos Gallinar Buy News Coverage From Bob Moore

Advertisements The online publication El Paso Matters was launched in February by former El Paso Times editor, Bob Moore. According to the Matters website, it holds itself to the “standards of editorial independence by the Institute for Nonprofit News.” The Institute for Nonprofit News asks that its members separate the decision to report on news […]

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The News Is Dead in El Paso

Advertisements The news media is under fire across the nation. Some call it propaganda outlets while others label it “fake news”. Journalists decry the erosion of their jobs because of the internet. While “fake news” has become the term most often used about the news media when complaining about it, for El Paso it is […]

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Book Alleges Byrd-Shapleigh Conspiracy To Make Way For Downtown Arena With Cheating Scandal

Advertisements The book, Bombshell in the Barrio, published via Amazon narrates an alleged conspiracy led by Eliot Shapleigh and Susie Byrd to destroy Bowie High School to make way for the downtown redevelopment that has targeted Duranguito and Segundo Barrio. Central to the book’s thesis is that El Paso’s “oligarchy” was behind the El Paso […]

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Deconstructing El Paso’s Identity Crisis

Advertisements El Paso has a cultural identity crisis. It is Mexican and then it is not. Why this exists can be traced back to two realities. The first is that El Paso, unlike many other binational communities along the U.S.-México border, is a metroplex that is visible to each other. The international border that divides […]