Yesterday we launched our El Paso Talks podcast channel. Today we are excited to announce our first podcaster: Unmuted With Claudia Rodriguez. In our first episode for season one, Claudia introduces her podcast to listeners.

On her podcast, Claudia will focus on public policy issues, the political gamesmanship that happens in closed rooms and her viewpoint on the issues facing El Paso today.

Look for the first episode of Unplugged With Claudia on Thursday. Each episode of Unplugged With Claudia will be published each Thursday.

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El Paso Talks brings you the voices of El Paso. We are looking for podcasters. Becoming a podcaster is easy with El Paso News. You just need to bring your voice and a smartphone to record yourself.

El Paso Talks is about the voices of El Paso. We are looking for El Pasoans who want to talk about the food, the sports, the culture or the politics of their city. We want to create a network of authentic voices talking about their community. The more voices who join the more diversified El Paso Talks will be.

We will be making another announcement about our next podcaster coming online. We need your voice. Consider becoming a podcaster today.

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