I previously reported that Sun Metro’s paratransit online application to sign up for their service is now accessible! However, this celebration was short lived as I was trying to submit an online request for open records but guess what, the city’s online open records website is inaccessible to those with a visual impairment! The city attorney and information strategy directors have been advised and I’m now waiting for a response from them.

I believe that a primary reason why these types of problems is because the city last updated their American for Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan in 2018. A transition plan consists of:

  • A list of the physical barriers that limit the accessibility of programs, activities, or services.
  • The methods to remove the barriers and make the facilities accessible and,
  • a schedule to get the work completed.

The Department of Justice requires that every municipality maintain and update their ADA transition plan to reduce the barriers individuals face accessing their products and services. I reached out to the city’s ADA Coordinator and was advised that a review of the city’s ADA transition plan should be completed by the end of the year.

I will report periodically on the progress the city has completed in updating their ADA transition plan.