Author: Richard Callahan

Conserving water is a hot topic in the United States as unprecedented drought and heat waves rock the country with increasing frequency. With exterior water consumption in most parts of the country accounting for more than 60% of the water bill each month, homeowners are scrambling to find a way to maintain curb appeal for their properties while cutting water use.

While this may represent a major change in lifestyle for some, water conservation has long been a way of life in El Paso’s desert climate. The area receives a miniscule 10 inches of rainfall each year – a mere fraction of the national average of 38 inches annually.

To help conserve this precious precipitation, El Pasoans have employed a number of creative landscaping tricks. Per city ordinance, there is no watering of lawns on Mondays, with odd and even addresses alternating the other six days of the week. In addition, homeowners are encouraged to xeriscape their properties with stone landscaping options and choose low-water plants and shrubs instead of traditional lawn grass.

However, there is an increasingly appealing option for El Paso residents looking to guarantee green grass at home without guzzling precious water – artificial turf.

Estimates indicate that every square foot of grass replaced with artificial turf can save as much as 55 gallons of water per year. This figure may even be a bit conservative for the El Paso area, which sees a large percentage of its irrigation water lost to evaporation and runoff due to the heat-baked terrain.

In addition, artificial turf provides a safe, non-toxic environment that pets love to use just like traditional grass. It resists staining from pet waste and maintains a consistent appearance in the face of severe weather.

Residential artificial turf is extremely pleasing to the eye and adds an effortless touch of luxury to a property. It looks and feels the same year-round, with very few maintenance requirements to secure ongoing aesthetic appeal.

Another conservation benefit of artificial grass is that it provides superior drainage to natural grass, ensuring that the scarce precipitation seen in El Paso makes its way to the underlying substrate and is not lost as contaminating runoff. It can also be designed and installed in any number patterns, helping homeowners who want to achieve a hybrid look for their landscaping.

About the Author:

Richard Callahan is a landscaping consultant with El Paso Artificial Grass & Turf. ( With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, Callahan specializes in topics in the landscaping, turf and lawn care for residential and commercial use.

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