Fair Data, a local technology company conducted exit polling of the city council races. About an hour ago they released their finding to the news media. We are making it available to our readers. The following is verbatim as released by Fair Data.

District 1
Brian Kennedy will finish well ahead of all his opponents, possibly winning without a runoff. Analisa Silverstein will finish second. Lauren Ferris will likely finish 3rd.

District 5
Isabel Salcido will likely win without a runoff. Richard Genera will finish second.

District 6
Claudia Rodriguez and Art Fierro are likely headed to a runoff, with Rodriguez having a good lead over Fierro. Cristian Botello will have a respectable 3rd place finish.

District 8
Chris Canales will likely finish in first place, and head to a run off. Rich Wright will likely have a small lead over Bettina Olivares, as both will likely be watching Election Day results closely to see who goes to the runoff with Canales.

El Paso News is planning on calling the various races as soon as the early voting numbers are released to the public.

Stay with El Paso News for continued coverage of the election.

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