In April, Marjorie Taylor Greene was in a Georgia courtroom defending herself against charges of participating in an insurrection. [1] Georgia officials ruled on May 6 that the plaintiffs in the case “failed to prove that she engaged in insurrection on January 6, 2021.” Central to the case against Taylor Greene is an El Pasoan. This is the story of the Mexican and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Mexican in the case is Pedro Antonio Aguero who is known online as Conservative Anthony. Aguero goes by the name Anthony publicly. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the representative for Georgia’s 14th District. El Paso’s congresswoman, Veronica Escobar has said that Greene “has embraced racist rhetoric, suggesting that the horrific 9/11 attack and mass school shootings were hoaxes, and repeatedly supported the execution of Democrats and FBI agents.” [2]

Five individuals filed a complaint against Greene in April challenging Greene’s reelection candidacy. They alleged that Greene violated the Fourteenth Amendment by supporting the January 6 Capitol riots. They alleged that Greene “advocated violence against the government.” [3]

Aguero participated in the January 6 riots according to an investigation by CNN. Aguero, according to CNN, is “a close ally” of Greene. [4] As Conservative Anthony, Aguero frequently taped himself intercepting migrants crossing the border with border militias like the Guardian Patriots and the Proud Boys. Currently, several members of the Proud Boys are facing seditious conspiracy charges in federal court. In one “disturbing clip” filmed by Aguero in April 2019, Aguero “can be heard screaming at migrants crossing the border.” [5]

Aguero, a naturalized immigrant from México, has marketed himself as a border journalist by verbally abusing immigrants, like himself, on the border. Right-wing politicians like Greene use Aguero to push forth a border security narritive around a “dangerous” border because of immigrants. The relationship between the Georgia politician and the border abusing “journalist” is also based on a personal friendship.

Greene’s Mexican Friend

In May 2021, Greene used an accent to mock Mexican drug cartels and accuse Democrats of being in the “business of helping” the drug cartels. Greene frequently criticizes Biden’s actions on border security. One of Greene’s supporters is Pedro Antonio Aguero who goes by the moniker Conservative Anthony.

Aguero is not simply an Hispanic El Pasoan. He was not born a citizen. Aguero is a naturalized citizen, an immigrant like those he ambushes in the desert. Aguero compares migrants to “roaches,” that “come out of nowhere.” Not only is Aguero a Mexican immigrant who verbally abuses other immigrants, but he also has an extensive criminal history in El Paso.

It is a criminal history often ascribed to migrants by anti-immigrant advocates and used to create the “dangerous” border political narrative used by politicians like Greene. It is also a criminal history that would have caused Pedro Aguero to be deported were it not for the fact that he became a U.S. citizen through naturalization.

His criminal record goes back to at least 1997. In one case in 2008, Aguero was convicted of assault and bodily injury in a family violence case. According to the court documents, on September 15, 2008, Aguero “punched” a woman on her face after she refused his kiss. Aguero continued to punch the victim, kicked her and broke her cell phone before fleeing the scene. [6]

Aguero was sentenced to one year in jail for that assault, but his sentence was suspended and he was placed on two years supervised release. Less then a year later, Aguero was again accused of assault against a woman, “by dragging” her “by the hair.” [7] Aguero was sentenced to three days in jail, as a result of that case. [8] Assault charges are not the only crimes committed by Aguero. He was also the cause of the serious bodily injury of an individual. (Edited on October 20, 2022. Aguero was not the cause of death, but rather the cause of “serious bodily injury”.)

On May 7, 2012, Aguero seriously injured a passenger in another vehicle while driving while intoxicated. On September 9, 2015, Aguero pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony on that case and was sentenced to two years in state prison. [9] After Aguero collided with the other vehicle, killing an occupant, he tried to flee the scene of the accident. [10]

It is these types of crimes that opponents to immigration often equate to those seeking asylum on the border. Yet, an immigrant who committed these crimes is used by pro-Trump anti-immigrant supporters like Marjorie Taylor Greene, as the reason why the border is “dangerous.” Greene has referred to Aguero as “amazing.”

These three cases – as egregious as they are – are not the only criminal cases filed against Aguero. In 2003 and again in 2004, Aguero was charged with possession of marihuana. One marihuana case was dismissed and Aguero was convicted on the other. In 2008, about four months before the assault he was convicted of, Aguero was arrested for driving while intoxicated. That case was dismissed. In November 2008, Aguero was again arrested for driving while intoxicated and was sentenced to another three days in jail. There are four more cases ending in 2010 where Aguero was arrested for driving while intoxicated, marihuana possession, criminal trespass and again for family violence. [11]

Aguero’s criminal history – assault and drugs – includes the same crimes pro-Trump supporters often use as the reason why America should close its borders to migrants.

What Does Greene Say About Her “Amazing” Mexican Friend?

Before Greene was elected, she had roamed the halls of Congress looking for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Greene and the men with her taunted Ocasio-Cortez through a locked door. One of the men with Greene that day was Pedro Aguero, who was going by the name Anthony at the time. [12] Greene has called Aguero “amazing” and a “friend.”

On April 22, 2022, Greene testified under oath in a Georgia administrative hearing challenging her right to be on the ballot for her reelection campaign. The complaint filed against her was for violating the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Georgia officials ruled that the plaintiffs did not prove she violated her oath of office by participating in an insurrection. However, during the hearings, when Greene was asked about Aguero, she replied that she did not spend “much time” with him and that she “hardly ever” talks to him but that he is someone she has “known for a few years.” When pressed, Greene referred to Aguero as a “distant friend.” [13]

Under oath, Greene did not deny being Aguero’s friend but did not “recall” discussing the January 6 riots with Aguero. Greene confirmed that she “heard” that Aguero entered the Capitol building on January 6. Greene testified that she had no recollection of speaking to Aguero before or after the January 6 riots about them. [14]

Aguero Continues To Defy The Law

Although Aguero has not been charged with a crime in the January 6 riots, online records show that he continues to defy election rules and regulations. Aguero ran in the 2020 Republican primary for the US House District 16 seat. Aguero came in third with 2,184 votes (13%) in the six-person race to represent the Republicans in the 2020 November ballot.

On June 15, 2019, Pedro Aguero filed paperwork organizing Aguero for Texas. In the only financial disclosure report that Aguero for Texas has filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Aguero reported receiving $3,301.87 in contributions and spending $5,981.90. Among the payments Aguero made from his campaign funds was $520 paid to a company located in Cd. Juárez for “campaign signs.” [15] After the initial report, Aguero has failed to file the required reports for Aguero for Texas.

As of October 13, 2022, according to the United States Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia, which is prosecuting the Capitol breach cases, Aguero does not appear to have been charged with any federal crimes related to the January 6 riots.

Although no charges over the January 6 riot have been publicly filed against Pedro Aguero, his name is continuously brought up, especially in relation to Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene, like other pro-Trump supporters continuously argue that immigrants are a danger to America and have labeled them as “invaders.” Although the argument is made that they oppose “illegal” immigrants, the fact remains that how immigrants may be in violation of immigration laws is difficult to assess, even by officials. More important, as is the case with Pedro Aguero, a deportable offense is a criminal record, especially a violent felony. Aguero, as a naturalized citizen has not been deported, but if he was not a naturalized citizen, as an immigrant he would be subject to deportation as an immigrant.

Nonetheless, Pedro Antonio Aguero is the kind of immigrant that immigrant opponents – especially pro-Trump supporters – often argue is the reason America should limit immigration. Yet, as Conservative Anthony, politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene view the immigrant Conservative Anthony as “amazing” but as Pedro Antonio Aguero, a Mexican immigrant, Aguero is the kind of immigrant that should not be allowed in America.

This article was corrected on October 20, 2022 to reflect the Pedro Antonio Aguero was not guilty of manslaughter, but instead of seriously injuring an individual with his vehicle.


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