As we reported this morning, El Paso County Commissioners are set to vote on the required notification to allow the University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC) to issue $400 million in certificates of obligation. We sent emails to county commissioners Iliana Holguin, Carlos Leon, David Stout and Carl Robinson, and county judge Ricardo Samaniego asking for their comments. We asked for their responses by noon, El Paso time so that we could include them in this follow up article.

We did not receive a response from any of the elected officials to our request for comment.

However, we received several comments from other individuals suggesting that UMC is not seeking $400 million in certificates of obligation. Instead, we were told that they will be asking for a credit line.

Late yesterday we were provided a recording of the UMC Board of Managers meeting. The individual that provided the recording asked for anonymity. To clarify what was voted on and in the interest of transparency we are publishing the recording so that readers can listen for themselves to what was said and what was voted on.
Exclusive to El Paso News: Recording of UMC Board of Managers June 14, 2022 meeting authorizing $400 million in certificates of obligation. Recording provided anonymously.

As readers can hear, the UMC officials were not asking for a credit line as they clearly asked for $400 million in certificates of obligation.

We will be monitoring the county commissioners meeting tomorrow and we will report on the issue and how commissioners voted on the item as soon as the information is available.

Stay tuned to El Paso News for this developing story.

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  1. What arrogance by these people and what an outrage the commissioners are approving this!! My home went up 30%, gas is $5 a gallon, my tax bill was already going up this year, now it will go up by $150 with this?? Have they NO SHAME???

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