All this time South Central residents may have believed that the frenzy by outsiders buying their properties was due to the potential land grabs by Texas Tech University or the Medical Center for the Americas, but now it seems it may be because of a study the County of El Paso has commissioned to redesign the Coliseum and possibly add an amphitheater? There are two workshops planned by a company called Hunden Strategic Partners or HSP for short, that will meet with stakeholders this week. We hate to use the word “stakeholders,” because the word denotes that there has been a long standing relationship, one that has been built over time, but quite frankly, residents haven’t known, until now.

The purpose of these meetings is to present “condensed preliminary findings.” Unfortunately, some of the residents who may be affected, are still caught in the digital divide, and it seems they were only given a day’s notice, if any notice at all, to attend the meetings. Hopefully, more meetings will be planned.

The original email, announcing the meetings was sent last week, on November 4th, but the community didn’t receive it until this week. If people are being paid to get the word out to the community who might be affected by the potential changes, why isn’t the word getting out? The company, Hunden Strategic Partners, who is conducting the virtual meeting, is a builder of sports coliseums:

The session held on Wednesday, November 10th, only had eight attendees (the eight people included the presenters). Another session will be held on Friday, November 12th. Following are the directions which were sent out: “If you want to attend, first you have to fill out a questionnaire, then you can attend the meeting.” The only meeting that is left at this point, is the meeting at 1 p.m. on Friday.  You will have to visit the following link to register:  

If you want to attend the meeting on Friday, first you will need to fill out the survey: The survey asks 18 questions: your age range; what kinds of events you like to attend; what events you think are missing in town; your favorite restaurant; how many times a week you go out; if you go out more often with friends or family or with both, among other questions.

A company document for Hunden Strategic Partners found online titled “County Coliseum, Amphitheater & Event Venue Study, El Paso, Texas,” states:

“Hunden is the process of performing an events and feasibility study regarding improving and enhancing multiple event venues in El Paso County. The two main venues include the multi-purpose community coliseum (Coliseum) and a potential new amphitheater development (Amphitheater) for the County.” The document adds: “Hunden’s study will determine the market potential and financial viability of an improved or renovated Coliseum and a new Amphitheater.”

It is not known whether the Amphitheater will be on the County Coliseum’s campus or at Ascarate Park or elsewhere? The Hunden document continues: “HSP will consider the Park as an option in the site analysis portion of the study, but will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of other possible sites in the area to determine the optimal location for the Amphitheater.”

Recently, residents in the neighborhoods around the County Coliseum have been hit hard by many changes and affronts to the tranquility of their neighborhoods and now this?  For further information contact the El Paso County Economic Development Department at: 915-546-2177.

Sources: “El Paso County Coliseum, Amphitheater & Event Venue Study, El Paso, Texas,”

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