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The Texas Department of Health Services released the Week 4 Covid-19 vaccine allocation data late yesterday. El Paso has now received 38,925 doses. There are now 60 facilities in El Paso that have received the vaccine. Below is a PDF downloadable table of facilities and their total allocations of the vaccine through Week 4.

Unfortunately there is no dataset available as to how many doses have been administered.

The El Paso Politics has chosen not to include telephone numbers for the facilities as we have no data as to which phone number the facilities would like vaccine inquiries to go to. We do not wish to interfere with their operations by overwhelming their telephones with vaccine availability.

However, our list includes the name of the facility and their address.

Immunize El Paso Responds to KTSM News Report

Dusty Warden of Immunize El Paso reached out to us to provide information about the KTSM News report reporting that Immunize El Paso was not administering the vaccine during the holidays.

The statement provided by Warden via Facebook:

Unfortunately, a recent news story painted an unflattering picture of Immunize El Paso’s operation, and therefore I feel clarification is warranted.

We determined that it is essential to take a brief pause to ensure we execute a successful vaccination campaign. To prepare for next week, we have reassigned personnel, bolstered our staff, opened a new clinic facility, obtained additional medical countermeasures for adverse reactions, and made logistical improvements. We understand the importance of COVID-19 vaccination; we do not take our responsibility to the El Paso community lightly. Because of our limited resources and ongoing routine clinical operations, it is unfeasible to immediately deploy the COVID-19 vaccine without making adjustments internally, communicate to the public our vaccine availability, set appointments, and appropriately staff the initiative.

Below, I have detailed our timeline since vaccine receipt, which I believe is reasonable and appropriate given the circumstances.

Dec 23: 2,000 dose allocation received, inventory of vaccine, cold-chain preservation, and monitored storage of the vaccine.

Dec 24: internal training, vaccination of eligible IZEP staff.

Dec 26-27: final review of vaccination plan, public messaging, appointment setting software, and internal policy/protocols.

Dec 28-30: Publish invitation to the public to register for appointments beginning the week of Jan 4. with appointments available across all three locations. We were planning to open our new downtown clinic in February; however, we worked to open early exclusively for COVID-19 vaccination. All available appointments have been allocated, and we are no longer accepting patients.

Dec 31, Jan 2: – Staff development, training. Conduct final facility, equipment, and supply preparations.

Jan 4-8: vaccination campaign at three clinic locations (Eastside, San Juan, and Downtown clinics).

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