Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released a list of candidates he believes are “strong progressives” that “are running at the state and local level to represent our movement” over the weekend. City council candidate for District 2 and incumbent Alexsandra Annello announced on social media also over the weekend that Bernie Sanders had endorsed her.

The El Paso Politics received a request asking if the information was correct.

We reached out to the Bernie Sanders campaign asking for confirmation this morning.

Mike Casca, a spokesman for Sanders, confirmed the endorsement of Annello.

In total, Bernie Sanders recently endorsed 172 down ballot candidates in 15 states. In Vermont, he endorsed the most candidates, endorsing 36. In Texas, he endorsed four, including Annello. Alexsandra Annello was the only down ballot endorsed by Bernie Sanders in El Paso.

Alexsandra Annello, 36, faces challengers James Arthur Campos, 65 and Miriam Judy Gutierrez, 56.

Annello has outraised her opponents according to the latest campaign finance reports. Annello reported receiving $21,893.59 in campaign contributions and spending less than $4,000 on her campaign during the latest reporting period.

Alexsandra Annello has several notable contributors in her financial disclosure report including Evelina Ortega for $200, Elisa Tamayo for $208, Cesar Blanco for $250, and the Jose Rodriguez Campaign for $500. Also, E.C. Houghton for $1,000, Suzanne Azar for $1,000 and Richard Aguilar for $1,500. The Texas Realtors Action Committee (TREPAC) contributed $3,000 to Annello’s campaign.

James Campos reported zero political contributions and spending $1,194.55.

Gutierrez reported $8,840 in political contributions and spending $6,913.63. Notable contributors to Gutierrez’ campaign include Stanley Jobe for $1,000, Woody Hunt for $1,000, Frederick Frances for $1,000 and Carl Robinson who contributed $100 to her campaign.

Election day is November 3. Early voting begins tomorrow.

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