By Bill Addington

Image Courtesy of Bill Addington.

Urgent appeal for support (we urgently need your donations) for the emergency start up- reformation of the highly effective non-profit west Texas citizen advocacy – legal action organization I cofounded in the 1990’s – the Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund Inc. (SBLDF). In the future, we may rename ourselves the Far West Texas Legal Defense Fund.

• Problem- Description of the Massive highly toxic and radioactive mineral mine – how it would affect and threaten not only Sierra Blanca, but our entire Big Bend far west Texas region.

• Update on the Hudspeth County political situation in supporting or opposing the dangerous planned Open pit mine

• How we can we organize as a highly effective professional citizens organization with a knowledgeable board of directors and a paid Executive Director stop this outrage.on our region? We will educate ourselves and understand as committed loving residents that by working together in partnership we will use the power of truth and being in the right to win once again.

Background: From 1991 – 2001, the SBLDF and it’s many committed and contributing members defeated the proposed State of Texas-Maine- Vermont national radioactive waste dump that was being imposed on our region. Texas spent $50 million in an attempt to force the rad waste dump on us, while we collectively raised and spent $150,000 and countless hours of work to defeat the State of Texas. We also stopped the operating MERCO NYC toxic Sewage sludge dump that was spreading 250 tons of toxic sludge A DAY on 60,000 acres of high desert Rangeland North of Sierra Blanca – all around the Sierra Blanca Mountain). SBLDF was the citizens organization That was highly effective and admired throughout Texas, Mexico, in several northeastern and New England states and Washington, D.C. it was years of tenacious work, but working together we also had a lot of FUN and camaraderie.

Image Courtesy of Bill Addington.

1. Description of this massive mine the size and scope of how it would affect our Big Bend – far west Texas region. This massive mine is proposed on Little Round Mountain, a quarter Mile west of Sierra Blanca Mountain. The rare earth, beryllium, Radioactive uranium and thorium mine would crush 20,000 tons of this mountains minerals every day. After Dynamite blasting and Crushing of the rock and minerals, the material would be placed in huge open “leach pits” each the size of a football field. A deleted mixture of Sulfuric acid and water would be sprayed inside these pits To leech out the repairs and toxic and radioactive “by-products.” Wow the beryllium and uranium would be sold, the highly radioactive thorium Cannot and is therefore a waste product and will be stored on site, making the mountain a de facto radioactive waste storage dump.

In 1986 I worked at the same location of this mine.  At the time they were only mining for beryllium the company was Cyprus Beryllium. While I worked there for two months, I was not aware how dangerous for my health and safety working was. We were doing the magic mining not open pit mining. All of her work clothes had to be washed on site, and we had highly sophisticated mine ducting and personal breathing apparatus while working in the mine. Only when I found how dangerous working with this material was that I resigned my position as a blaster and bobcat machine operator.

• I am pleased to share with you our Extremely Important political success in the election of Precinct 1 Hudspeth County Commissioner. As many of you know who followed my candidacy and/or donated to my campaign for County Commissioner representing the Sierra Blanca area I fell short of making the runoff on March 3 by only 12 votes. My opponents, Lance Rose and Kyle Walker did make the runoff later delayed and set for July 14.

A spirited and enthusiastic campaign focusing on the issues in the primary with the three of us and later in the runoff by Lance Rose and Walker. After talking with Lance Rose After the primary I enthusiastically threw my support for Lance. He is young but has great integrity and intelligence, and wants to do the best for the people of Sierra Blanca area and the County.

Former county judge Becky Dean Walker and her husband own A huge open pit mine business on Sierra Blanca Mountain and want the rare earth mine to succeed. Becky Walker asked her son to run for office in an attempt to co-opt the commissioners court as she has already helped politically place the county judge and another commissioner.

On the court. If her son Kyle Walker won, she would have a lock on Commissioners Court and the entire court would have supported the new rare earth mine. I am happy to report that did not happen. After calling up all my supporters who voted for me to vote Lance and talking with them personally about the planned political coup by the Walker family- with Lance great canvassing asking for votes door to door before the election we who care about health and safety over short term profits for a few prevailed. It was called by my beautiful girlfriend Kimberley who was one of the Democratic Party election judges collecting and counting ballots in the Precinct 1 election as a “LanceSlide.” The final result was 107 votes for Lance Rose 60 for Mine supporter Kyle Walker. So now we have a real voice for representation on the Sierra Blanca area on our Commissioners court.

I want everyone that supported me and donate it to my campaign to know that I ran a very hard campaign and came close to making the runoff. I walked out the door and put up a lot of signs and newspaper political ads. My running for commissioner helped influence the runoff and I believe helped Lance Rose get elected. So, understand, your support and donations to my campaign had a direct effect on our success in this election and our future.

• More background on our local millionaire family attempting to co-opt our county government in favor of the creation of a dangerous radioactive and Toxic mine project:

Becky Dean Walker and her family own and operate the ballast aggravate mine that is sold at great profit to the Union Pacific railroad for their track rail bed, And is shipped all over to the union pacific system for rail bed.
The Sierra Blanca Mountain that our town is name for my Spanish explorer has been decimated on the North side by all the blasting and excavation for this aggregate ballast. The mineral rights and lands for the Walker mine and for the proposed rare earth beryllium mine are all state of Texas owned through the Texas General land office (GLO). The GLO are promoting this new rare earth mine, As they receive 7% of all the rock ballast sold from the Walker Railroad mine.

I am asking from the bottom of my heart for donations so we can have some resources to form and promote our group and its expansion. We will be filing for tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3). For now your donations cannot be deducted off your income tax. Once we get tax exempt status they will. And I’m sure all of you that care would rather to see your money going to an organization of like-minded people who care and will protect our shared home instead of to the Internal Revenue Service.

I want to thank you all who have supported and donated to my campaign and who have believed in me in the past for all of your support I’m touched and humbled. Please follow our activity and participate when you can. In these trouble times, and if you can’t participate directly you can always donate!

You can donate right now through my messenger pay and I will promise you I will put your donations to good use to fight these forces of darkness. We have a lot of support and opposition to this mine in Sierra Blanca and in our county, and will be meeting soon, outside with proper distancing!

Being in the right and having the truth gives us a special power from our creator that no amount of money can buy. But that power can only be used effectively if we pick up our swords to fight for our home, for our families, I have the tenacity to see it to the end until we win. And believing we can win with every fiber in our body Khanin will become a self for filling prophecy.

Sin fin. Without end.

We need your awareness, involvement, and financial support so we can kickstart our nonprofit group . Applying for 501C3 IRS nonprofit status. We have met locally and are forming actually reforming the great effective Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund Inc. We stopped A national radioactive waste dump in Sierra Blanca and we will stop this mega mine which threatens entire region. We need your voice and involvement. The reality is that organizing and organized people requires fund.

Please donate what you can via my messenger or PayPal:

In justice, Bill Guerra-Addington

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