County commissioners are expected to revisit the division of Segundo Barrio during their next meeting. Commissioners Carlos Leon, Vince Perez and Carl Robinson continue to insist on diving Segundo Barrio leaving out a large part outside the historical designation.

Vince Perez is facing a runoff election for his county seat on July 14, 2020 again challenger Iliana Holguin.

In addition to letters from Preservation Texas and the County Historical Commission urging the commissioners to keep the Segundo Barrio whole two additional letters were recently delivered to the commissioners.

The first letter is from El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz and the second letter is from the El Paso County Historical Society. Both urge the commissioners to rethink their votes. Both letters can be viewed below.

The letters in opposition to the division of Segundo Barrio are in addition to a petition that has collected 1,914 signatures as of this morning. (link)

Commissioner David Stout has proposed amending the original vote to divide Segundo Barrio into two sections. At the last meeting it was voted down. However, county commissioners are expected to revisit the issue again on Monday, June 29, 2020 during their regularly scheduled meeting. County Judge Ricardo Samaniego supports Stout’s amendment. County Commissioner meetings generally start at 9:30 am.

Residents wanting to comment at the meeting can do so by submitting the Public Comment form found at this link.

Martin Paredes

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