by Belinda Subraman

In these times of unrest and uncertainty, fighting for democracy and fairness, living through a global pandemic, we all find different ways to survive and blossom. I admire and appreciate all efforts to keep positive and those who seek growth and connection during quarantine.

It has been important to me to express myself through poetry and art.  Recently I completed a multimedia project which includes six El Pasoans:  Donna Snyder, Neorah Elaine Tremblay-Garcia, Rigoberto De La Mora, RJ Williams, Cecil B. Lee and myself, as well as artists from other states and countries. All artists are members of a private arts group on Facebook called Gypsy Art Show. It’s a place where participation and collaboration is encouraged. Locals who are willing to share their original writing, art or music as well as acknowledge and comment on the work of others are welcome.

Here is the project. The names on the video are the names of the artists.  When a name appears it is the beginning of their art series. The audio performances are either self introduced or introduced by me. 

My paintings have leaned toward roots and branches, holding steady in one place while reaching out for connection.  Here are a few in my “Pandemic Series.”

Leaves and Stays

Belinda Subraman

Bio: Belinda Subraman has been writing poetry since the 6th grade and publishing since college.  She had a ten year run editing and publishing Gypsy Literary Magazine 1984-1994. She edited books by Vergin'...

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  1. I am completely mesmerized by your Branches and Roots. Not so lofty and dark as Nietzsche with his “tree that would grow to heaven must send its roots to hell”; but down to earth. Organic. Fresh airy with a bud on the tongue all in a vivid dream while blanketed in moist soil. Liminal. One can sense something wonderful about to hatch. Inside one’s self.

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