“Forgotten: Women of Juarez,” recounts the murders of women on the U.S./Mexican border.  The new podcast will premiere on June 1st.   There have been numerous books, films and news and magazine articles on the topic since the 1990s.  Murders of women continue to this day.

The news release for the series states:

This series of crimes against women started in the 1990s and have continued for decades.  Many of the victims worked in factories owned by American companies and share eerily similar characteristics.  Their bodies have been found strangled, shot, and brutally murdered, some with symbols carved into their skins, shoelaces binding their hands.  

The podcast is slated to be a ten-part series.  Oz Woloshyn, executive producer and show host has teamed up with Monica Ortiz Uribe, a freelance radio reporter along the U.S.-Mexico border and the American Southwest, to produce the podcast.

For further information contact spokeswoman Kate Gardiner at Grey Horse:; (312) 725-0146.

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