In recent days, American taxpayers have begun to receive IRS notices in their mail boxes. The IRS letter, labeled “Notice 1444 (EN-SP)” is an official notice from the IRS. However, inside the IRS envelope is a letter on White House letterhead.

The IRS letter is one-page, printed on both sides.

Stimulus Check Notice Envelope – credit: the El Paso News

The letter notifies the recipient that they have received a stimulus check from the Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), recently adopted by Congress and signed into law. The letter includes the amount of the stimulus payment the recipient received.

In addition to the official IRS notice envelope that the letter is enclosed in, there are two additional notable things about the letter.

The first is that the enclosed letter is on White House stationary and it is signed by Donald J. Trump.

English side of the letter – credit: the El Paso News

On the other side of the letter, the same content is printed in Spanish, including the amount of the stimulus payment. This side is also signed by Donald J. Trump.

Spanish version of the letter – credit: the El Paso News

The Spanish version of the letter is notable. During the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump stated that “this is a country where we speak English. It’s English. You have to speak English!” He was chiding Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish during the campaign.

In a Facebook 600+ member group called “Payment Status Not Available” created by El Paso News Editor Dr. Miguel Juárez, numerous individuals have complained about not receiving their stimulus checks. Others have stated that the IRS website does not allow them to update their payment status nor does it provide them with a payment status. Still others have posted on the denial of the stimulus because they are married to foreigners, which is currently being challenged in the courts.

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  1. I received one of those letters but have not received any money. The IRS attempted ( twice ) to deposit my check into my ex-wifes Chime account. The IRS website Get My Payment says the a paper check I scheduled to be mailed to my address on April 29, 2020. It is May 2, and no check. I received the Notice 1444 before, which says how much I’ll receive and that I would receive it via direct deposit. I’m confused.i believe someone else got that money and there’s no one to call to help, as the IRS is not offering live assistance at this time. Any suggestions?

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