Candidate Ivan Niño

Name: Ivan Niño
Office Sought: El Paso County Tax Assessor Collector
Age: 28
Education: Graduated from El Dorado High School.
Current Occupation: Small Business Owner.
Political Experience: My political experience started at a very young age. I have been involved in many organizations that advocate for the betterment of El Paso. I am a compañero member, which is a sustaining member of the El Paso County Democratic Party. I have volunteered in many campaigns that taught me the importance to stand up for what I believe is right. I have taken part in many protests, community organizing, anything that is for El Paso and that I stand behind. When Hilary Clinton visited El Paso, I was there. When Obama visited El Paso, I was there. I have served the residents of El Paso as a deputy/manager for the County Tax Assessor collector for almost a decade. Politics is about being present and getting informed. Finding ways to better understand the needs of your community and advocating for those needs. I currently sit on different boards, which have exposed me to understand the importance of our voice. It was important for me to step forward and offer the voters of El Paso a choice – a solution for the betterment of our community.

Ivan Niño

In a concise sentence please explain to the voters your philosophy on taxation. (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
I am the collector; I collect the funds. However, I believe we need to work for our constituents, put them first.

Under what conditions will you vote to increase taxes? (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
The office that I am seeking does not levy taxes. However, if I did, I would put my constituents before me. Based on their needs.

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please explain the circumstances and the outcome.
No, I have never been arrested.

Have you ever been sued? If so, please explain the circumstances of the suit.
No, I have never been sued.

With a YES, or NO, do you support putting the voter-approved multiuse (sports arena) in the area commonly known as Duranguito?

Please explain your reasons to your answer to the question on Duranguito above?
I believe in preserving our historical sites of El Paso. That is our history. Plus, I would never want someone to take control of my home and force me to move out.

Do you support, or oppose immigration detention centers at the County Jail or within the County of El Paso? Please explain your answer.
I oppose, we do not need immigration detention centers.

What is the number one goal you wish to accomplish during your next term of elected or reelected? Please limit your answer to one issue and explain how you plan to deliver the goal to the voters.
My number one goal would be to increase transparency within the office. In order to achieve transparency, we need to have a consistent, efficient and proper educational training program for all of our employees. This will save you time and money. Understanding the needs of our constituents to provide the best service needed.

In your opinion, what is the number one issue facing your constituency and how you plan to address it?
Many constituents do not know what the County Tax Assessor collector duties are. I plan to create full engagement with the public to educate them on ways they can fully benefit from our office while building the relationship with them. Be a source in the many needs we may be able to help. Work with other governmental offices to move El Paso – forward.