Vince Perez: Much Worse Than I Thought

I have been tracking the political shenanigans of Vince Perez ever since he ran for office. In that time there have been many controversies surrounding him and his wife, Claudia Ordaz. When I exposed the Whataburger controversy (link) on my blog, I thought it can’t get any worse than that. I was wrong. Controversy and the Perezes seem to go together. Use this link to review all the controversies surrounding them. But a flyer that was sent to me paints a very troubling picture of Vince Perez and his disregard of the laws.

As you review the new information, it is important to remember that Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz use the services of Jaime Abeytia, a criminal with multiple convictions for dirty politics. It appears none of them have any regard for the law.

Eduardo Romero, a candidate for Perez’ county seat sent out a flyer to El Paso voters recently. I was provided a copy of it.

The Spanish language flyer lays out a clear case of Perez’ disregard of the laws. It also points out the self-serving raises that Perez voted for himself. According to Romero’s flyer, Perez has voted four times to raise his salary. The flyer shows that Perez’ salary was $62,680 when he took office. Now, it is $115,000.

Vince Perez voted himself a raise of $52,221 since being elected.

He has almost doubled his salary since taking office.

Of course, Eduardo Romero points out the Whataburger incident.

But what caught my attention are the numerous traffic tickets that Vince Perez has accumulated.

The Romero flyer lists at least 19 traffic violations.

The flyer lists several speeding tickets ranging from over 13 miles per hour over the speed limit up to 33 miles per hour over the limit. Several tickets include violations of school zones, like speeding and using a cellular telephone. At least one speeding ticket includes a violation at a hospital zone.

There are several tickets listed for not stopping at stop signs and expired tags. Vince Perez has also accumulated several tickets for not having insurance. He also has tickets for expired meters.

Clearly, Vince Perez has trouble following the traffic laws that voters are expected to follow.

But most troubling of all, is Perez’ disregard for the safety of children at school zones. Perez has accumulated several tickets, according to the Romero flyer at school zones.

As you digest this latest information about Vince Perez’ disregard for the laws that El Paso voters are expected to follow it is important to remember that it is not just about the Whataburger incident, or the multiple tickets, but rather the extent that Vince Perez will go to win an election.

Case in point is the troubling lost laptop that Silvestre Reyes believes was used by Beto O’Rourke to win their race. A laptop disappears and Claudia Ordaz is a prime suspect in its disappearance. (link) Tie that to the dirty politics of Jaime Abeytia and it becomes clear that Perez isn’t running for the benefit of El Paso, but rather to benefit himself and his wife.

As if none of that is enough to raise questions about Vince Perez’s candidacy, consider the following.

Ask yourself, who is U.S. Representative Veronica Escobar supporting for his county commissioner seat? There used to be a time when Escobar and Perez worked together. Yet, as of now, Veronica Escobar has yet to announce her support of Vince Perez for his county seat. Why?

Eduardo Romero Flyer

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