Candidate Yvonne Rosales

Name: Yvonne Rosales
Office Sought: District Attorney of El Paso, Hudspeth, and Culberson Counties
Age: 48
Education: Doctor of Jurisprudence, St. Mary’s Law School
Current Occupation: Co-owner of the Al-Hanna and Rosales Law Firm
Political Experience: 2016 candidate for District Attorney of El Paso, Hudspeth, and Culberson Counties. I had received 48.71% of the votes in the run-off election as a first-time candidate against the 24-year incumbent Jaime Esparza.

Yvonne Rosales

In a concise sentence please explain to the voters your philosophy on taxation. (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
The District Attorney does not levy taxes; however, the District Attorney needs to be fiscally responsible. When I am elected District Attorney, the financial efficiency that I will bring to that office will save tax payers money. Very few people in our community are aware of the inefficiencies in the current DA’s office. Laziness and a serious lack of prosecution training has plagued the current DA’s office for far too long. This is why so many people travel to attend jury duty, just to find out later that the case was either dismissed or settled on trial day. Most people end up leaving jury hall without even going to court. Case decisions made within the DA’s office, which affects tax dollars, need to happen intelligently, thoroughly, and quickly. This explains why innocent people are prosecuted (e.g. Daniel Villegas, who was wrongfully prosecuted by DA candidate James Montoya even after Montoya was aware that Villegas’ confession was coerced by the detective and thrown out by the court) and why many violent offenders, who deserve to be put behind bars, are offered probation over and over again. These injustices waste millions of tax payer dollars, and citizens are left with rising taxes.

Regarding the capital murder case involving the Wal-Mart Shooter, the current DA has not explained to the public why the DA’s office is prosecuting the case instead of the federal government. The Federal Government has stated that it is evaluating its possible prosecution of the shooter for capital murder and hate crimes, which would also include the death penalty. If the Federal prosecutors are allowed to take over the case, then the financial burden (millions of dollars) will not fall on the people of El Paso.

Under what conditions will you vote to increase taxes? (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
No answer provided by candidate.

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please explain the circumstances and the outcome.
I have never been arrested.

Have you ever been sued? If so, please explain the circumstances of the suit.
I have never been sued.

With a YES, or NO, do you support putting the voter-approved multiuse (sports arena) in the area commonly known as Duranguito?
The sole responsibility of the District attorney’s office is to prosecute state-level criminal offenses. Therefore, the Duranguito issue is not a matter for the District Attorney’s involvement.

Please explain your reasons to your answer to the question on Duranguito above?
See above.

Do you support, or oppose immigration detention centers at the County Jail or within the County of El Paso? Please explain your answer.
The District Attorney’s office is not involved in the immigration/deportation process, including detention centers. Immigration/deportation issues are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

What is the number one goal you wish to accomplish during your next term of elected or reelected? Please limit your answer to one issue and explain how you plan to deliver the goal to the voters.
The District Attorney’s Office employs about 90 attorneys and 150 staff members. Salaries of the entire District Attorney’s office are paid by the tax payer. The DA needs to be an experienced administrator who knows how to manage a law firm, including both balancing a budget and getting employees the proper training in order to enhance their job skills. I am a former Assistant District Attorney and I am one of only two DA candidates who has run a law firm, and I have successfully run my own law firm for over 15 years.

My main goal is to make sure that the attorneys that work under me are well-trained and efficient. With proper training, the DA’s office will improve tremendously. Smarter decisions will be made, preventing innocent people from being prosecuted, preventing guilty people from getting away with crimes, and tax payer dollars will be saved through fiscal responsibility.

In your opinion, what is the number one issue facing your constituency and how you plan to address it?
The number one issue facing my constituents is the lack of people who actually vote. The vast majority of registered voters in far west Texas do not vote. This fact is very disconcerting. The right to vote is very precious, yet underappreciated. In the 2016 District Attorney runoff election, only 16,341 out of around 380,000 registered voters voted. More people need to become informed and active voters. Only then, will more qualified candidates be elected to represent our community. I have helped people register to vote by providing them with voter registration materials at my law firm. I have made sure that all of my family and close friends understand the importance of a well-informed vote, and that every single vote counts. I do my best to speak to as many registered voters as I can in order to inform them of how I plan to improve the District Attorney’s Office. Voters deserve to know that when I am elected as their District Attorney, that I will bring justice to our community.