City Representative Claudia Ordaz Perez Fails to File Accurate Finance Report

Satire – I don’t know what it is with Claudia W’hordaz Perez – is she just really stupid, or does she really think rules don’t apply to her?

Seriously at this point, she’s kind of comic relief in an otherwise heated race for House District 76.

W’hordaz filed a campaign finance report with 24 ethics complaints even though she has been in office for more than six years. You would think her handler Lard’eros, like Manteca, would have texted her how to avoid having 24 ethics complaints filed against her by Moss More.

At a minimum, she should own her errors. But instead this is what she does, “she is calling the 24 multiple ethics complaints filed against her by the president of an El Paso teachers’ group a blatant political attack without merit meant to mislead the community.” No way, you are the one that has mislead the citizens of District 6 Ms. D.C.

Now, now you know me and I am the expert in misleading this community. I try to fancy myself as an honorable man, yet everyone knows all about my past records. Y me vale madre…. Why? Porque soy un panson sin verguenza.

She has other obvious complaints that should have also been reported through the council agenda. Oh yes, she is the mayor shrimp tempore’, with D’Rupert and Tommy McDonald backing her every rotten move. Es sucia.  ‘memmer when she asked Tommy McDonald out on a date, you ‘memmer.  My poor sweet Vinny didn’t know Ms. D.C was trying to use her skills, well you get it.  Oooooh my Vinny.  Now that’s a vato with skills, oooooh Vinny, boy do I know your skills.

W’hordaz has a track record of doing things her own way. Too bad it is not the right way to do things. And she is mighty proud that she is backed by the big wigs of this city. What she does not understand is how great of a vendida she is to them. Please don’t think they like you because you are smart. No they tolerate you because you do their work. Wink, wink.

For that group that wrote that great book on the Rulers of El Chuco, how about tracing back every vote she has cast and then see who it benefits. Pero, don’t include the vote on baby changers. That was just a ploy to get the backing of some moms.

These are egregious violations – but she’s become notorious for scandal. I’ve heard of people filing late, but not filing something that should be filed, or misfiling something is simple stupidity. Y quieres ser state representative? No mames, bueno, pero no te cuelgues.

I have more on the HD76 race coming. Interesting stuff, so stay tuned…