Candidate Yvonne Rodriguez

Name: Yvonne Rodriguez
Office Sought: Chief Justice 8th Court of Appeals
Age: 61
Education: 1993, Juris Doctorate; 1990, Bachelor of Arts: Major Psychology; Minor Sociology.
Current Occupation: Justice of the 8th Court of Appeals – 7years.
Political Experience: I have run for the following judicial positions: 2006 Probate Court #1, 2010 Probate Court #1, 2012 Justice 8th Court of Appeals, 2018 Justice 8th Court of Appeals, and currently 2020 Chief Justice 8th Court of Appeals.

Yvonne Rodriguez

In a concise sentence please explain to the voters your philosophy on taxation. (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
The 8th Court of Appeals does not levy taxes.

Under what conditions will you vote to increase taxes? (if the office you seek does not levy taxes, please indicate so here)
The 8th Court of Appeals does not levy taxes.

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please explain the circumstances and the outcome.

Have you ever been sued? If so, please explain the circumstances of the suit.
Yes, once in Bexar County for unpaid taxes. The case was dismissed because I had sold the asset 34 years ago, however the finance company failed to transfer the asset to the new owners’ name at that time. The unpaid taxes were for the last 10 years I did not own the asset, a mobile home, which unknown to me, was still in my name.

With a YES, or NO, do you support putting the voter-approved multiuse (sports arena) in the area commonly known as Duranguito?
The judicial canons prohibit judges from taking positions on issues pending before the court or could possibly come before the court. Currently the issues regarding Duranguito are pending at the 8th court of appeals. Therefore, I cannot answer this question.

Please explain your reasons to your answer to the question on Duranguito above?
Please see the answer above.

Do you support, or oppose immigration detention centers at the County Jail or within the County of El Paso? Please explain your answer.
Given the judicial canons, I am unable to address this question. The judiciary, in an effort to maintain our impartiality and the appearance of impartiality, cannot opine on these issues.

What is the number one goal you wish to accomplish during your next term of elected or reelected? Please limit your answer to one issue and explain how you plan to deliver the goal to the voters.
My primary goal is to increase the efficiency of the court. I have reduced the backlog of cases pending over 12 months from 30 cases in 2018 to 7 cases in 2019. By continuing on this path, I intend to reduce the backlog to 0.

In your opinion, what is the number one issue facing your constituency and how you plan to address it?
My constituency is 17 West Texas counties. My goal is to decide our cases timely without sacrificing the quality of our opinions and provide all litigants a meaningful opportunity to be heard.